Monday, 14 June 2010


The darling Rachel at Boo Dogg and Me has posed some questions, and thought I'd share them with you, as I take a break from something wonderful in the old SHORTS department:

It's Butterick 6579, my own pattern, but not sure where or when I got it. I'm going to try the shorts first, to see if they fit right, and then I'll follow up with the trousers! TROUSERS?! It's cold in Melbs, and need as much variety for the leg as possible!

1. What is your favourite pattern of all time?

Way too hard to pick one, it would be a dress, maybe a wiggle one from early 1960s with a scoopy neckline and cap sleeves, maybe a bit like this one I made last year for my friend. So perhaps that one...

2. What is one place that you really want to visit that you haven't been to before?

New York. We were planning to move there about 5 years ago, and found ourselves in Sydney instead. We work really hard, Husbie and I, and ended up buying a house instead of holidays afar, so my aim for the next 5 years is to TRAVEL. Once we're settled in Melbs, I think we'll go to NYC for a brief holiday, and then who knows if we'll go for realsa.

3. How do you relax?

Go for long walks with my dog and Husbie but mostly when I find the time to sew for myself and plan some fash. I find sewing to be completely refreshing, no distractions, my mind clocking over thoughts and pretty much unwinding. 

4. What is your favourite childhood memory?

I can't think of just one to say. Off the top of my head: Climbing trees, making swings near the dam (and then them breaking), watching Ghostbusters, talking with Aunty Dot, reading Roald Dahl, playing dress ups, going to the city. Heaps and heaps. I remember so much about being young, and keep meaning to write it all down just in case I can't remember it one day.

5. If there was one pattern you could own, regardless of availability, cost, or whether you'd actually make it, what would it be?

I wish I knew! My pattern collection is pretty big, but I don't wander the internerdz looking for the dream pattern. As I've made so many different styles of simple things, I'd like to get 'complicated' soon and draft my own patterns, and learn my own body shape (and what suits it!) a bit more. Sorry, this is a bad answer; I can't focus on just one thing!

6. If you could spend the rest of your life doing anything you wanted, what would it be?

Just what I'm doing now! I love working, I love living with Husbie, I love sewing and I like making things that I wanna make. More recently I've worked out that sewing is GREAT as a hobby, but when I get projects and deadlines to sew for other people, I just can't do it. Perhaps that's because I already have a full time job, but it makes me wary of making my hobby my job. BUT, someone said in the paper over the weekend that making your hobby your job makes you work longer and love it more! Who knows!

7. How long do you spend reading blogs (per day or per week)?

About an hour a day, while I watch Neighbours, ABC 7pm news, or Masterchef. I multitask when I read blogs, look up recipes, check facebook, and read emails as I watch TV. I can't just focus on the one thing when I'm on the couch, as I feel like I'm wasting time.

Ok! Now I'll ask some questions and nom you! I'll make it a little different today, because I think the people I would nominate are already nominated by others. LOL!

If you haven't EVER left a comment before, and feel like taking a little bit of time to write a blog post, here are your questions! Just leave me a comment and I'll come visit your blog, and check out your answers!

1. What's the best thing about making things (clothes, housestuff, or gardening etc)?
2. What's your favourite tv show/film at the moment?
3. What do you look forward to doing on Saturday mornings?
4. What's a song that you know off by heart?
5. When you're sewing (or crafting) what's the thing you really love doing and the thing you really dread?
6. What's a skill (in sewing or elsewhere) that you'd like to improve?
7. How long do you spend reading blogs (per day or per week)?


  1. I'd love to learn to draft my own patterns too - I might look into doing a class when my arm is better. Thanks for answering my q's!

  2. I have been reading your blog for a while. I like to read about what you create and your explantions of the outfits. I have (tried to) answer your question on my blog. Never really mentioned my sewing/crafting on there before which is why I gave your q's a go.

    - A


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