Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Running errands to the max!

Thank you for your darling comments about our move! And totes getting ready for the killer cold in Melbs but am determined *not* to be a whinging darling. I can't speak for Doggie Darling, she'll be cold with her short little hair, so I hope I get some machine time soon to sew up a skivvy for her!

Today I worked really hard, and great fun things happened. I love it when everything falls into place! Then I ran some errands with Husbie, and things kept falling into place! Doggie Darling got the a-ok at the Vets (just a vaccination and a health tick) and we sorted out some real estate stuffs (which would have cost us a dorky-ish amount of money in travel costs just to sign the lease) and then we turned the corner to go home and spotted a fantastic BRAND new restaurant called 'Pho Sure'! A Vietnamese noodle place with a punny name! And we thought Thai resaurants had that covered (in my 'hood we have Thai-riffic and Thai-tanic, just to name a few!)!

We had to stop for a veggie pho! And it was delish!

Tshirt: A metallic Flight of the Conchords tsheesh - present from a friend
Scarf: Husbie's - present from a friend
Tights: Op Shop but now with ladder
Red Boots: Second hand shop in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

Just another busy day at work, but Husbie had the wide angle lens on the camera and we grabbed some sunlight before we went out for the errands!

TV update: Masterchef has just become WAY too stressful, so we've switched over the Iview to watch episode 2 of Misfits, a STRANGE but cool ABC tv show! So far so good guys!


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