Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Say hi to Franca as you stop by!

A little update to show you my darling cushion covers:

They are all backed with some creamy cotton stuff, and are all vintage fabrics. I made them for one of my Sydney besties, who'll hopefully take some photos of them IN ACTION for me. The pink/red one is my fave and I use it sparingly! It was one of the first really good linen floral fabrics I scored at the op shop and helped flourish my love of sewing ages ago! Oh.... memories about fabric. LOL

Also, my friend Franca, of Oranges and Apples, is celebrating 500 posts to her blog, she's been blogging fast and furiously about fashion and heaps of other cool things in the past year or so. And I probably check in and read about her every day, so I practically feel we're besties. Even my Husbie knows her blog (as he LOVES bright colours) and he never really remembers what's going on online! I have to remind him to use his tumblr (documenting his favourite wines) and his blog (documenting colour) all the time!

Anyways, Franca is celebrating and has made a photo:

Because by just FOLLOWING her blog, or COMMENTING on her blog, you can win a SKIRT made by Veronica Darling (me) and other cool stuff! She's got heaps of prize packs to give away and don't we just LOVE giveaways and free shit on the internet?! Go right away to her blog post to see your future prize pack, and comment on her blog!

I have only a few early mornings left now darlings, tomorrow I'm going to sleep in because I'm still a little sicky and my boss told me to take it easy! Yay for nice bosses. Then after that, I think there's just NINE mornings of 4am wake ups left! Wow.

But that also means the house will be packed up in 2 weeks and I'll start a new job in 3 weeks. *gulp*

See you soon!


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