Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Via Wagga Wagga

If you're Australian, you know Wagga right? So good, they named it twice? If you're one of my overseas friends, then perhaps you've never heard of Wagga Wagga? Well, today I drove 6 hours south west of Sydney and now I'm here. Tomorrow I'll drive another 6 hours directly south, and then I'll be in Melbourne. Yay Australia is big and fun and we have boundless highways to share.

Doggie Darling and I are travel companions, roadtrip buddies and sick to death of each other's stories by now. But not sick enough for a little cuddle before bedtime. I'm staying at my friends' mum's house and it's been sooooo good. As I'm a country girl myself, as soon as I got to town I drove the main street, spotted Target Country and bought 3 pairs of woolie black tights. Love Target Country.

Wagga Wagga is a bigger town than the one I grew up in, so really spread out and heaps of suburbs. Sadly I missed the op shop hours though. It closed at 4 and I got there at 4.02pm. Give an outta towner a break!

I'm a little overtired so will head to bed now, goodnighty night. And well done on finding my green bag jackets on facey Anon! You legend! I'd saved my high res photos of the boys on my work computer, and then remembered that I'm not at that work desk now. EEP! Will have the phots for you here soon enough!


  1. Bummer about the op shops! Safe travelling for the rest of your trip!

  2. that means you have extra opshop karma for your new hometown:)

    i envy your road trip, i love them! as a side note, told my hubs the other day that if, rather when, we go to australia, we'll have to have short stops to visit blogging friends in opshops. he was like-- umm, you do know how big australia is, right?

    (my new jersey schooled ass did not.)

  3. Oh, Wagga Wagga... oh Australian countryside... oh roadtrips! Have a safe drive the rest of the drive!

  4. Yay for Wagga! Where the check flannel shirt rules! Do most of Doggie Darling's stories start with "Wrraga rooowra froowgh mmrrrr"? Maybe it's some kind of universal staffy story because Hunter tells me that one too sometimes. Happy happy travels, take care on the roads and enjoy the beautiful scenery!


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