Thursday, 15 July 2010

80s Breakfast Club Style

Oh boy, I've been a little mad without my Husbie and my STUFF around me.

Everything is still half in boxes, all over the house, and today I picked up my clothes and realised I'd spread them around to 5 rooms. I am a grot! (As my mum might say)

But, here's a GREAT tablecloth I got at the cheap department store up the road, a closing down sale. Very kitsch to go with the rest of the house!

I'm absolutely beside myself because Husbie is flying to Melbs as I type, and will officially be a Melbournian in half an hour to an hour, as he comes home for good. I've had to survive as a single mother for the past week and a half, and I've been a little bit bad... drinking red wine til LATE last night, watching live music and freaking working... bad mummy. Doggie Darling has hardly noticed; I came home today with a gorgeous neighbourly note from a household who share our back fence, and they adore her! I bet she's been spoilt all through the day! No wonder she's tired when I get home!

So! I'm heaps keen to get the rest of the house unpacked and finally finally finally get my life back in order. I had to dag it up today, 80s Breakfast Club Style. My hair was even bigger at the start of the day, and my skirt way shorter, and my knitwear was way baggier.

I even rolled up the sleeves. Oh yeah! My mum actually knitted this big jumper for me, it's really soft pinky wool, and I think I may have been 8 years old when I got it. Either she knitted it way too big or I just never grew... and because of the 4 foot 11 height that I reached today, I'm thinking a bit of both.

Well done to you if you've already seen my Blog Giveaway, where you do lots of stuff like follow/like/befriend all for the gush of fashion n stuff! There's still time because I'm no where near setting up the sewing room. I found some fabric unpacking and then realised the boxes the removalists had labelled 'Linen' actually meant fabric, and I had wondered why there were so many freaking boxes with towels and bedsheets in them. I have a little too much 'Linen' and lets hope I get to unpacking those boxes this weekend, and not Husbie. Whoops! More STASHBUSTIN' to do!

Talk soon! So the giveaway is open until that Sewing Room is set up, perhaps this Sunday?


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