Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Certainly not one of *those* people

We all know those people, they love their iphone so much they talk about it all the time, and say things like 'Let me just show you this cool app'... I'm certainly not one of those people at all... at all... well, you and I are friends now, so I can be honest. I FREAKING LOVE this iphone.

I had to get a new phone because my hours changed, so handed back my work blackberry. I was going to hang out for the iphone 4, but jumped into a cheaper option anyways, and so today I bring you my lardy dar hipstermatic iphone phots:

Husbie with Doggie Darling and our new brick lounge/dining room wall.

Husbie always takes better photos!

This one is quite nice, it's my train station getting 'updated' by workers earlier this morning. It was totally SO cold here in Melbourne this morning, and I froze on the way to work. I started to get a little head cold through the day, and there's a bit going around apparently. I tried to work really fast, but got a little weird so luckily Husbie was in the city and picked me up and we drove home.

I've been sleeping this arvo, and trying to keep heaps warm in bed. I hope your week is ok, and that you're living out your wildest sewing dreams for me, as it's still ages away from me even looking at my sewing machines. xoxo


  1. Heh Veronica - welcome to the 'hood'! A bit freaked to see 'my' train station on a sewing blog. I'll say hi if I see you around - I'm the other Seddon blondie-blonde with a hipstamatic obsession. x

  2. I had absolutely no desire for an iphone UNTIL I saw someones photos taken with the hipstermatic app. Then that was it, I had to have one.

  3. Its been freezing cold in the mornings here too! But its getting lighter, hee!!

  4. It's ok, I freakin love my iPhone too, it's my baby. Though I try not to talk about it, other than when I remind people around me they can borrow it when they need to find info, phone-no's, whatever, they tend to forget that.
    Am writing this on it actually :-).
    If you like Hipstamatic you should check out QuadCamera, it's my favourite! Same same but very different.


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