Thursday, 29 July 2010

Giveaway - still ON!

Hey friends,

Sugar sugar sugar, it's busy! I've stopped off at QANNO CLUB, because I'm flying to Splendour in the Grass, a music festival, in Queensland for work. This means live radio, offsite, broadcasting from a large tent, for 3 days. It could be dirty, it could be yukky, it could be hot, it could be freezing, so I've packed for everything.

I also have gumboots with red love hearts on them. Stylish.

But I thought you should know that my giveaway, where I make YOU an outfit (dress, skirt, tshirt etc) once my sewing room is up and running, is still OPEN. BECAUSE, my sewing room looks like this:

There's Joanie looking at home, with my creations in the cupboard...

And there's my sewing desk, my machines (still with covers on dammit) and my BEAUTIFUL new piece of furniture (with pink cupboards) behind me! I'll show you more of that later, but at this stage... NO OPERATIONAL SEWING ROOM.

So, better for you to enter my giveaway! Hooray!

Talk next week guys!


  1. woo hoo!
    Splendour was always a mud fest when it was in byron.

    A drunken, skiddy, wet, mud fest.
    Hope your outfits include gum boots.

  2. What awesome pink cupboards - I'm jealous! I just got back from a honeymoon on Sunday (back to work Thursday I think) so just thought I'd check in and say a big hi! I'll have to catch up on the posts soon when my HUSBAND (ha!) connects our internet at home next week! Lucky you going to Splendour! I had my music fix going to Mumford & Sons with a group of friends a few days before our wedding. Greatest. Gig. EVER. Hope you're happy and well xx

  3. Hope you enjoyed Splendor...particularly in your splendiferous heart sprinkled gumboots!


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