Sunday, 4 July 2010

Hello Melbourne!

I am brimming with thoughts, gossip, stories, adventures, crafting (a little, OMG!) but most of all love!


We're in our darling new house in the west of Melbourne, and loving the area completely! I can walk easily to Yarraville village, Seddon village, and freaking Footscray (my fave!) with the best multicultural shopping strips and restaurants I've ever seen! I'm going to eat myself silly!

Hooray! It's great to finally make it to Sunday night though, beause after I left Wagga Wagga things got a little crazy. Doggie Darling and I got cabin fever big time (but we love each other again now), I got crazy overtired because I became a worry wart about the move. Our stuff *still* hasn't arrived from Sydney. I have no idea where it is, but it's in a shipping container somewhere even though the 'relocation' company initially guaranteed three days and no more of transit. During my initial discussions with them, I believe the words 'Next Day Delivery' was even mentioned.

But, it's Sunday now, and I'm sitting on our new Ikea guest room bed (we were going to buy one eventually, so at least we have something to sleep on now) and we've spent a whole lot of money but we've also got some amazing little pieces of furniture and a fantastic house with fabulous neighbours!

And I braided my hair today:

Double Yay! AND, whilst we've been watching Dexter (season 4, wtf omg etc etc etc!) I've been crocheting a bit of this scarf crossed with this scarf (who is SO gorgeous btw) for my Husbie. It's a different kind of cold here in Melbs, but not utterly as freezing as I thought it would be! I have had to get some extra singlets from the oppie and tights from 'Forges' in Footscray to prepare from that 8am commute!

As for Dexter, Husbie wanted me to tell you that when we were walking through Seddon village today, we spotted a vintage carving knife with the brand name called 'Dexter' and we thought that interesting at the time. Especially since Dexter uses a lot of knives to cut people up with. And you were totally right Oona about the 30/70 good/bad part... the twists in the last 2 episodes. OMG ick!

Talk soon, I hope!



    Although completely the opposite side of the river to me, Yarraville is awesome! I love the cinema and a bar whose name I can't remember that has massive leather couches and was the first place I ever heard Antony and the Johnsons play.

    Hope you're warm on your commute - it was FREEZING at the beginning of last week but a bit better now.

  2. Great to hear you arrived and I hope you'll feel at home in Melbourne really soon (and that your furniture will arrive tomorrow!). The braids look really cute!

  3. Well done on your move! and such adorable braids.

  4. Yaaaay, and hooray! that's sooooooo funny you moved to Melbourne! We moved out of West Footscray about two months ago to the country! he he. We might have been neighbours! Bizarre! and wonderful all at once. Hope you love it all - adventures are sooo much fun! xo hugs, K.

  5. glad to hear you arrived safely in Melbs....hope you are enjoying your new housie and I can't wait to see how life goes for you there.

  6. WASN'T IT HORRIBLE?!!! i couldn't believe it!!!

    welcome to your new home... i hope we get to see decorating pics :)

  7. Ok, you're making me a bit homesick now : ) Oh yeah and don't forget to go to Savers on Sydney road - actually I think there's one in Footscray too...


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