Monday, 5 July 2010

Last day before the First day...

I *promise* I'll find more interesting photos soon! I'm at a cafe right by my house, having brunch and gathering my thoughts and notes for the day ahead tomorrow. My First Day at my new job in Melbz!

It's an absolutely gorgeous day in the West is Best suburb of Yarraville! The sun is streaming through the cafe, and it's a darling blue sky day. I'm all like WTF, thanks Melbs! Thank you for your lovely wishes yesterday, and thank you also for sticking with my little posts on NON-crafty things!

BUT, I started thinking about fashion and history and style recently, as I just finished watching Project Runway Season 5. Luckily I've had the season on my computer, and as we've been without the internet and without tv and possessions this past week, I've caught up on Dexter and now Project Runway. I'm sure there's still a few more seasons that I have to catch up on, for the PR fans out there, is there currently 7? Or is in up to 8 already?

Anyways, this year I was happy with the winner Leanne:

I liked a lot of her stuff through the show, and loved (of course) the sustainability and future-style she was keen on. Yay for Leanne! And how brilliant that 3 women were in the top to show for the fashion week thing. But what I started thinking about, was the history/trend of fashion, especially since there was a few comments made to Kenley that her creations were similar to some really famous designs and designers.

I was really happy she made the finals, because I totes loved her frocks but I can't really comment on her attitude and personality (as I wasn't there at the filming of the series, and frankly reality tv is *not* reality)... but I am curious about that collective conscience and that if Kenley's designs were similar to these bigger, more famous designers, and she didn't know about them, or their designs. Now, I'm a little like that at times. Some people I know are all like "blah blah [insert designer name here] and your skirt, blah blah [insert designer name here] and you could try the same" to me, and it's great they think I know about these fashion designers... but most of the time I'm like 'Yeah yeah,' but I have no idea. AND, I don't read fash mags or look at runway collections and stuff, so I really have no idea if what I ever make is already being made.

It made me think that if I go further into fashion and designing for realsa, I should really know who these people are. Tim Gunn was all like, if you come this far and you don't know who these people are... then people (like media/fashion peeps) will tell you ... and you don't want to be called copycat. When I searched for Kenley's photo before: "Project Runway Kenley" and then copycat was the first thing that came up... so the most popular search terms together.

What do you think? Do you know a fashion designer's creation, just by seeing a photo? Or are you a little bewildered like me? I probably could only could spot a Jean Paul Gaultier design because he's quite largely into some 'signature things'. (LOLZ!) But, I don't know where to start really, I love my vintage patterns and pattern making books, so I am understanding form and structure and togetherness at the moment... but to get into high fashion and know what's already *been* and *being* designed is a HUGE commitment.

I know I've got my career hands full as it is, and it would honestly be a HUGE commitment to change industries, but it's very interesting already as a Holly Hobby Seamstress. Perhaps I'll never make the change, but I *love* thinking about all this stuff! Maybe I'll do a 'Getting to know Fashion Design' posts here and we can all chip in with what we know about Fash and Peeps and the like.

Thoughtfully, Veronica Darling xoxo


  1. It's awesome that you're considering a future in design! You are such a clever seamstress and artist! guess is that the more you're totally absorbed in it, the more important it will become - to you - to know what is happening with the design world, designers and their work etc.

  2. That is a little bit like what I am doing in my blog. I consider it educating myself about the history of fashion and sharing my discoveries with like-minded folk.
    But yeah, it is a big committment. Oddly addictive though.

  3. I'm completely with you on the bewildered front--and I believed that Kenley was too when i watched that season. Love love love your idea of the "getting to know" posts. I'd love them, girl. Very best wishes to you in your new job! (You'll do great. I'm sure all the other kids will like you.)

  4. i sadly don't know enough about designers, i would get HAMMERED on that on PR.

    i know they ramp things up, but i'm so enamored of tim gunn, his stern reactions to kenley made me think it must be her! i love tim gunn...

  5. Hey darling Darling,

    It's funny, once you start spending some time looking at designers collections present and past, you get to know a lot of their favourite shapes/fabrics/common themes and from there you can often pick the designer. Sometimes a lucky guess, sometimes knowledge you never knew you had. You get to know what they love and you'll recognise silhouettes. is amazing for looking at retrospective runway shows and look books and you can often see themes occurring, even with fabric choices or textiles. Sometimes you can pick the designer from the styling choices and lighting! Same goes for shoe and handbag designers.

    I love knowing the history of a designer, it can make the clothes that much more special.

  6. Hey Ms Darling

    Welcome to Yarraville, you have definitely picked a wonderful place to call your Melbourne HQ, enjoy!


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