Monday, 19 July 2010

We haz TV, need propz

We're googling like mad to find some inspiration for our flat screen TV. We used to have it housed on an old $10 low drinks/cutlery cabinet that we drilled holes into for the blu ray machine and the sound bar and all that technical jazz. As Husbie is in the film making biz, we realised only last year that we'd been staring into a little 4 by 3 ratio 15 year old tv, and perhaps needed to 'Get With The Program'.

Now, it's a little hard to be a vintage lover with a new shiny black TV and it's extra bits. For heaven's sake, we even have a Sub Woofa. LOL

What to do, now that the space for the telly, in our new house, is only a metre and a half, instead of two and half metres? The dorky cabinet is out. I thought I'd get a bunch of phots together, to see what's possible, but if you have some ideas, please let me know!

Photo sourced from Apartment Therapy's Easel as Television post and a great idea, but will have to get something like the shelf to put the accessories involved, the soundbar, the blu ray etc.

But what are you guys up to? I'd love to know something you've seen or spotted online! Husbie has been searching for actual old workbenches from carpenters sheds as well, as a really different option. What I really don't want to buy is a corner TV cabinet, I'd love something old or unexpected. The tricky thing is about holding those 'Extra Bits' like the bluray, and those cords!

P.S. STILL haven't been able to set up the Sewing Room, so the giveway is still open. Maybe for another week too!


  1. We picked up a vintage blondewood tv off the hard rubbish in West Footscray, completely gutted it, and put in a flat screen tv. There is heaps of room at the back for speakers and extras. We made a black frame for the screen so that you can't tell there is a new telly inside it. Every time someone comes over they same the same thing - "Does that old thing work?" It's awesome.

  2. Our TV lives on an art deco dressing table that has had a small shelf added for the DVD player and then all our DVDs are tucked away in the drawers!
    It's gold, brown and wood and we got it for SIX BUCKS! What a bargain.

  3. Its boring but I got that thingy from Ikea that looks like a school locker and spray painted it navy blue. Unoriginal but it is cool looking (I think!)
    ps Happy Melbourne~

  4. I loved the easel idea at first but the more I looked at it the more it looks like a robot. Haa! Scarey. Don't they make stands for flat screens that you could bolt into a vintage cabinet or something? I don't know. I have an old jalopy. I'll post if I find something else.


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