Saturday, 17 July 2010

Wonderful wonderful wonderful Melbs

And so it begins dear friends. Falling in love with Melbs is so easy, so quick!

Today was a great real normal day for us. A Saturday of doing things, and I just loved being 'normal' in this town. I got my hair done at Corrin's Hair Lounge and these photos will never make it look right, especially since I mucked around with them in lightroom:

It's a more white-white, than yellow-white, and at first I thought it came across a little silver, but that appazza will fade. I LOVED my hair style though, my darling hairdresser set it like 60s Brigitte Bardot. NICE!

Then I went next door and bought the best shoes in the world, as a present for getting my new job.

Yay for me!

They're Melissa shoes (AGAIN) and are the 'Troupe' variety and totally dreamy! I'll have to actually do a separate gush post about Emina's shoppe, but OK OK is the place, and my new fave store in Melbs. Emina has Melissa shoes, AND the best tights and hosiery (LOL, what a cute word!) you'll ever see in the whole of the land. PLUS SHE DESIGNS ALL THE CLOTHES HERSELF AND THEY'RE MADE IN MELBOURNE. I am absolutely stoked and amazed at her skillz!

Be sure to be sure, I shall visit again, and might even bring my awesome Husbie:



  1. yay! knife wielding husbie is back to cuddle with!

  2. Your hair looks pretty. I am so jealous of your Troupes. I want some. Did you get the black shiny ones?

  3. I saw your post but I didn't notice Jack the Ripper in the background until the second time I looked. Sooo funny. I love stuff going on in the background of something. It's like my favorite thing. Congrats on the move, V Darling, and on all the wonderful new beginnings. Cheers.


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