Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday: Busy Bee - SSS

Hey there!

It's been a great weekend here in my house! Well, mostly for me as poor darling Husbie had to work on his photographs and then go to work, and my sore back got heaps better thanks to a barley/lavender warm up pillow! They're really good!

Thanks for your lovely words for my sore back, I bet they helped too! After the funnest Grand Final Day ever (LOLZ) I hung out a bit in the sewing room

And the sun shone and all was well! I'm working on some of my giveaway items, and planning a BABY QUILT. I have never made a quilt before, but have heaps of cotton scraps, that I thought would be great for my babies (well, friends' babies)... I'll just have to figure out how to make them! This one on Mary Quilts's site looks kinda simple. Right? I have no idea how to stitch it together, or to do the loopy stitching on top... and do you actually need quilting stuff, or can I use old tshirts or thick fabrics (love recycling!)?

Anyways, I finished this for my friend:

Made the neckline a little scoopier, because it was a high neck tshirt... but the fabric was really soft and stretchy, so I tried to reinforce it with another collar, but didn't have any ribbed material so it's kinda floppy now. It's for a sports match, so I bet floppy and light is better anyways!

And here's my Self Stitched September outfit for today:

A dress I made last year for my friend's wedding and a new (old) headscarf from my fave vintage furniture shop in Yarraville. It's a Pincurl Sunday today. It was such lovely weather today, and officially the first day for me not wearing tights. WOW.

Hope you've had a nice weekend darling! xoxo

Friday, 24 September 2010

Friday: *ouch* - SSS

Oh dear! I blame:

The new car
My gigantic handbag
The gear stick in my new car
Building that IKEA bookselving unit
Leaning over to pick up my gigantic handbag from the passenger seat.

But, whatever caused it; I have a seriously bad back. I've turned Granny Grouch today and last night (but put on my happy/soldier on face for my fun work this morning) and went the physio guy this afternoon. I am plumped up on my bed with the pillows. Doggie Darling is zonked out beside me, and I hope hope hope Husbie gets home soon for a cuddle. *cry cry cry*

Anyways, for SSS today, I was going to make a Collingwood frock (vertical black and white wide stripes) with some ace stretch material I have, but of course the sore back postponed my darling dress up. This morning I popped along to work (funtimes in the office - Football parties and fun music and peeps!) instead in a spotty dress that unfortunately was a hand me down... not handmade at all... but I wore my famous cape/scarf/shawl as well...

So, it was a little SSS today for Self Stitched September! I've never been to a physio guy before... it was really lovely though, he was super nice. Husbie and I got a quick bite to eat at Corner Shop first, and I tried out my 'Shake It' photo application on the old iphone.. It's OK:

I don't mind it as an application (I love the edges the best), but it's not outrageous. Certainly makes the iphone photos heaps better looking, but I just LOVE the hipstermatic ones... the rough/haphazardness of them.

Anyways, I'm stuck in bed (with my hot water bottle) for a while now and will read every blog in my reader, and then every blog on your blog roll too! LOLZ And tomorrow I'll have to work out what to ditch in my life to make a better healthier back/shoulder socket... my oversized handbag perhaps?

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wednesday: Another SSS Day

Man, it's been hard to keep up with my outfits, and to take photos of them all! I've found I have to lay out my clothes the night before, because my sleepy brain can't decide what to wear in the morning (nor can it remember what I have made or what is vintage etc).

Today I had a few things on at work, so I went kinda practical, but it's a dress I often wear on weekends, so thought I'd try it out with a cardi for work today.

I made it at the end of last year perhaps? I'm pretty sure I photographed it then, because Gail commented on the fabric (her daughter was into it!) but sadly it's second hand ribbed stretch material from the op shop, so I've no clue if you can ever get it again. It's totally black and white, a bit like COLLINGWOOD. (I just realised yesterday I wore a black and white checked dress, with a red cardi like ST KILDA... man I must be dreaming Australian Footy Finals!)

It's one of those basic Built By Wendy t shirt dresses (that are SO easy to make) and I did it with built in cap sleeves (so the front and back pieces had extra and wider shoulder seams).

It's really comfy.

Husbie and I laughed so much, as Doggie Darling visited next door and came home to see us in the laneway taking phots.

She's so funny!

There's another week of Self Stitched September, and I've worn a couple of things twice (didn't think it worth taking a photo of a remixed version of last weekend's outfits) and overall I think my wardrobe (bar a few vintage/op shopped things, or things peeps have given me) is very Self Stitched... I'm quite proud!

See you soon!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Monday: Floral + Green - SSS

Self Stitched September continues!

Sorry, it's a bit of a LOL-local joke for you. I wore a floral dress yesterday to work and met up with Greens MP Adam Bandt! We had an election recently (DUR - for you Australians, but OH Really? - For you overseas-types)... and there was a bit of history for the Greens Party... as their first lower house representative was voted in (at a General Election, not a By-Election) and everyone was really happy (well, young peeps were because their biggest concern is the environment, followed by gay marriage and human rights)... anyways, Adam is the member for Melbourne!

It's a longsleeve refashion I made a while back (perhaps during July's outfit challenge - where I sewed up an item a day for the month of July. Phew!) and here I am wearing it on the Wardrobe Refashion site as well. As it's a little cold (and I started work a little early yesterday! The boys are in town this week for the radio!) I also wore my black cardi. Adam was so lovely btw!

Anyways, better busta move! See you soon, Veronica.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

SSS Wrap Up for this Week!

One more week and a bit of Self Stitched September! Yay!

My parents are visiting at the moment, so I've been running around town with them for the weekend, hence my late posts for SSS. My outfit above is from Thursday where I went to work and then... I can't remember! It's a dress I made a while back for friend's birthday party in May.

BUT, our big news, is that we bought an (old) new car! Yippee! It was a great deal, and my Husbie is the KING of negotiating at the moment. He also bought a new computer (with bargaining as well) for his business, and so we're all about consuming now! It's funny not buying anything new for ages, and then with the move, and new jobs, we've had a few different things going on.

The dress here is basically a yellow tshirt I got from an oppie (it's long sleeves, which I've kept) but I chopped off the tshirt neckline, scooped it a bit more... then lopped a big bit off the middle. The checkered material is kind of flannel-like warmer stuff, that I got from an op shop too, but it's kinda yellow and orange diagonal stripes with the black background. So here I wore an orange cardigan too, to make for crazy colours!

It's a bright outfit for a gloomy day!

Hope you're all having a nice weekend!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Wednesday: Pink Stripes - SSS

It's kinda halfway through September, and therefore halfway for Self Stitched September! I haven't even made a button for the side bar, it's been too busy! Nonetheless, today it's the first time I've worn something I've refashioned!

It *was* a large 80s dress, I didn't get before photos, but it's your typical button up, baby dollesque bodice... but one of those oversized ones that Mummy's would wear (or perhaps my mummy would wear) so I cut off the skirt part first...

And then lopped about 5 inches or more off, but I really wanted to make sure the buttons matched down the front! But before I reattached the skirt, I cut about 2 inches off the bodice, and then stitched the sides in to fit... I still made it kinda loose, so it can slide over my head ... as oversized stuff is still cute! But just not oversized to the max, as this one was in the beginning!

I gathered up the top of the skirt (I didn't bring in the seams of the skirt... love a full skirt) and then reattached the skirt! Yippee! It also came with the tie/belt, so I didn't have to make that... Yay! I love reusing hems, rather than taking hems up... so if it's about changing the length, altering at the waistline is my advice. 
ADVICE? I'm sharing sewing advice! ??? 

Yesterday was just another fun work day, I spoke with my friend/colleague who has returned from overseas, so that was funny! We are expecting my parents over the weekend, so doing little spruces up around the house where we can! This big old house gets heaps more dirty than my perfect little townhouse in Inner West Sydney!


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Tuesday: Meeting with the boss - SSS

Yesterday was a workie day, but I also caught up with one of my bosses who was in town, and since the weather was so pretty I only needed my new/old trusty short denim jacket.

There were a few extra photos on this blog, but I'm not sure where they went to. I'll repost tonight when I get home, as I had planned to post you this at lunch time (right now) but for some reason only this one photo is there. I made this dress earlier in the year, but haven't posted a pic with me in it (or have I?) and it's so nice. I love the length and pattern and it's so comfy.

It was such a lovely spring day here in Melbs yesterday, so it's starting to pick up weatherwise! Heaps busy now at work, friends, so I'll see you later today!

*** updated! with more phots!

So now you can see my Melissa shoes. I love them SO much! Can you tell I have NO idea what I'm doing in these photos, at the time, I really did think I was being fantastic, but I'm just SO dorky. You guys all look SO fabulous when I visit your blogs, and you pose real nice and look gorgeous! I'll get it right somehow... at least Husbie is good at the photo taking ... unfortunately the camera tripod is with our friend in Sydney... so not sure if I'll ever get to use it! SIGH

Anyways, for Self Stitched September, I'd really love to show off some new things, but I *still* haven't found my hand stitching needles to finish off these two things... so I know it's silly but I've just got to start something else... I'll just pop in there now and do a little bit of sewing before Husbie gets home.


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Monday: Tax Time - SSS

Finally finally finally we met with the accountant and did our tax!

He was extremely old school, without a computer, so we won't know the result for ages. I went to work early, as our appointment was late afternoon, and wore for the Self Stitched September my black dress I made for the Music Awards night not last year, but the year before... and a scarf that I made from a strip of fabric.

Husbie and I got home after dark, so these photos are pretty rough, but still you can see my darling little Melissa shoes there too.

Talk soon, xoxo

Monday, 13 September 2010

The Weekend: House Stuff - SSS

A weekend wrap up for you! After my mopey Friday, Saturday and Sunday was pretty much about 'getting the shizz together' around the house. We've pretty much unpacked, but the little things like hanging pictures, piling up the books (we need some more bookshelves unfort.) and all those odds and ends just needed to be SORTED.

Here's Saturday's sorting outfit, with the skirt being my handmade piece for Self Stitched September:

It was originally a dress, made during last year's 100 Outfits Challenge but it just started to get shorter as I washed it, and I had to chop it off under the boobs, and now it's a (thankfully) longer but still short skirt. I now where it a LOT, and the hem is getting a bit tatty. Just normal store bought tights, slippers and longsleeve tshirt. But the scarf is from the oppy.

Then for Sunday:

I did not leave the house at all Sunday! So this is my inside outfit, wearing my handmade black skirt and NEW (but secondhand) denim jacket! It's a little closer to springtime (even though it IS springtime) here in Melbs, and I thought a lighter shorter jacket would be perfect. Found this one in the kids section of an oppy in Gippsland, and it's pretty brand new.

We got so much stuff done around the house, and it's looking ace now. So pleased! I started 2 dress/top things, but can't find the sewing needles (you know for hand sewing?) anywhere, so couldn't finish them off to show you. I devoted a bit of yesterday to organising my shelves with all the threads, and trying to work out where to put the patterns, so I can actually see them. Oh the dilemmas for a vintage loving seamstress!

BUT! Throughout the weekend, I found all my patterns from Amanda in Adelaide (WHO got married! Congratulations darling! Hope you're settling into married life!) and will get back into the sewing of such darling vintage patterns again for Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge!

How cute is this one! I have heaps of projects on the go at the moment, but totally loving having my sewing room back ON! (It's really cute, because Husbie set up his 'hobby' room and we both sit in our rooms yelling out to each other!)

Have a great Monday darlings.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Friday: Mopey Work Day - SSS

I felt like casual Friday hit me hard yesterday, so luckily my work is dreamy and allows some professional casualness at times...

The clothing part that I made (for this Self Stitched September) is the black cardigan. It's a slight stretch material, thicker and bubbly in parts (Not sure what I mean there, perhaps I mean it's kinda rough?) and it's something I made using a pattern, but using the straight stitch machine because I didn't have an overlocker. It was pretty hard from memory. It's probably 8 years old, and it's still one of my fave cardi's, but I tend to wear it with this slouchy/mopey outfit... it's a man's Bond's singlet (with a tighter girls singlet underneath - op shopped) which is Husbie's and the leggings are really old Target ones I think. And yes, that is a hole in one of the legs.

Ever so sophisticated.

The scarf is a purple dyed linen through thing, my Mother In Law gave me. I love all the layering in this and I really like how the man's singlet is long enough to be a dress, but it's a really really short dress. I would never wear tights with this look, just these leggings because it's REALLY short at the back in a heaps good way.

Can you tell we're in the middle of tax time at my house? Piles of papers and heaps of recycling all over the place!

Gotta dash to the hardware store with Husbie, we're doing a House Day and things have just gotta keep moving! Have a lovely weekend xoxo

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Thursday: Hanging with a Hardcore Punk/Metal Band - SSS

Hmmm. That's a big title for a post, bit of a surprise I suppose for me! I'm not usually hanging out with hardcore anythings... but today I'm recording a Canadian band who'll guest host a radio show.

The black skirt is a dress, one that I made last year during Frocktober and one that is so good that I'll have to make again soon. This one is getting smaller and worn out, but so pleased I used thicker stretch drill for it. I'm wearing an op shop long sleeve top over the top, and outrageous tights.

I love that it's now warm enough not to wear boots. I'm wearing normal slip ons! Yay!

But I wanted to show you this cape/shawl/scarf I made a while back. Back before I started the blog, I think! I made it for a wedding and then didn't really use it again... but returning to Melbs in the middle of winter has made me assess every item of clothing, and I discovered I can pin it up and it makes the shawl so versatile. I'm going to wear it as a scarf today, but I'll show you another day as a cape thing.

So two pieces of Self Stitched Stuff for today, I'm getting the hang of Self Stitched September I reckon!

In exciting sewing news, I've started cutting up a red dress for myself, and going through my pink materials for Lisa (my winner) and thinking about what to make for Del (my runner up winner) in my giveaway. Tres excitement in the sewing room, I can tell you!

Thank you for your lovely comments, and I'm so enjoying getting back into the blogging world again, it's really lovely seeing what you all are up to! YAY.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wednesday: Workie Day - SSS

It's really sunny in the mornings at the moment in Melbs, and kinda perfect for finding some of my old handmade dresses for Self Stitched September!

This is a dress I made ages ago, and I think I made it for my Hen's Night. It was in summer, so no tights or stocking top was needed. It's from op shop material I got in Orbost (which is really the best country town for op shops - although I say that about all towns I suppose) and the summertime flowers on it will keep me happy through the day. It's a 'jiffy' style 60s pattern, that I still have somewhere. It has elastic around the middle that you make in a casing on the inside. I thought it'd fade after a summer, but it's still going 3 summers on, and perhaps will last out this summer too!

Also note my darling Melissa shoes, my total fave at the moment, from OK OK in Brunswick. What is scary but great: Emina has some new Melissa's in stock and I'm scared to look. I WILL buy some, it's just a question of which ones?

And for you dog lovers:

Awww, she's so cute.

That's the last of our boxes too, in the background! Yay! I have 2 big ones here in my sewing room, but they're full of material and I need to get my shelves sorted (ie. cleaned up by folding the fabric instead of stuffing it in) to unpack them properly.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Tuesday: Running errands - SSS

I'd love this just to be just Running Errands for Me day (I need a load of time to catch up on things at the moment, how bad!) but this is my Self Stitched September's Second Day, and I'm wearing a pinky dress I made last year:

And the Errands I'm Running? All for work! However, I am popping out in a minute to have a brunch coffee type chit chat with my darling friend who's very close to popping as she's 9 months pregs. BUT, I'll head back to work, represent work at a comedy thing, then stay at work late for a DJ thing! BUSY BEE OUTFIT.

This is the funny stretchy dress that was once white, but when I machine washed it before I cut it up, the whole thing went pink! It's lovely though because it can go with purples (like this store bought cardi) and pinky reds (I have some rusty shoes that go well with it too). I'm just wearing my fabulouso Melissa shoes here though. In a Melbs winter, I can't wear anything but opaque tights, I'm just not sure what other tights go with dresses that aren't darker colours. I'll have to explore for next winter I reckon, because I feel a bit boring always with black legs. And it's harder to match the black tights with my lighter coloured dresses.

And here's my official sign up for Self Stitched September! Thanks once again to So, Zo!

'I, Veronica Darling, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-September. I endeavour to wear handmade or refashioned items of clothing every day for the duration of September 2010'. Where possible I'll also try and match my handmade things with vintage or recycled items as well and point out these details to you, Dear Reader'


Monday, 6 September 2010

Monday: Going to work - SSS

Congratulations again to my friends who won the giveaway (Check to see if that's YOU) and I'm back again already with what I'm going to wear today for Self Stitched September. That's a whole month of wearing clothes that I've made myself.

How very amusing for me to be posting first thing before work, and with daylight to behold! I have noticed some of you darlings get a blog post in before breakfast, and as I'm trying to fit a lot in these days before I go to work, I thought I'd give it a whirl.

This is just a purple dress I made last year when I was going tshirt dress crazy, it may be on it's last legs this summer as the second hand fabric is thicker Hoodie type stuff that is going to be all pilled soon. Pilled? You know what I mean! Cowboy boots are vintage, but tights and woolie cardi (Hello Melbourne!) from the normal shops. But now I'm thinking (as I look at the tights)... they're thrifted, but new ones, from the op shop.

There's loads of other peeps doing Self Stitched September, and I can't remember the rules I wanted to put on myself... I'll find them and post them later... but you can do whatever you like... but I guess the main rule is that something you wear should be self stitched... but that could mean knitted as well.

Talk to you soon, Veronica.

Sunday, 5 September 2010



It's finally time to draw my LONGEST giveaway!

Probably the LONGEST (waiting for me to get my shizz together) giveaway in the world!

Probably the most daggiest host of a giveaway in the world as well!

And probably the most daggiest girl in a photo shoot in the world.

So, YAY. I've returned to Blogville, and have finally drawn the giveaway: Where I make YOU an outfit now that my sewing room is ready. And the above 'salmon' number (actually red in real life) was the first dress through the sewing room and I *can* report: THE MACHINES AND SEWING ROOM ARE IN GOOD WORKING ORDER!

Thank YOU all for entering the giveaway, and apols for the wait! So much to tell! But...

Hooray! For you....

... Lisa @ Vintage Fashion Library! YAYZ to you babes!

But I was always going to draw two names (because I'm devishly cute, and love a freaking good challenge/surprise) so I got Husbie to draw the first name, which was you Lisa. THEN, in an amazingly weird thing, he drew your second entry out too (from you following me on facebook!) so I had to get a bit gooshy, and Husbie grabbed out another name...

 Del from DELicious Designz! YAY to you Del!

And so my giveaway prize making, now that winners are drawn and sewing room is EXCELLENT, shall begin! Lisa, you said: "A line summer dress to run errands in!" is this still correct? I hope so, as it sounds good... but perhaps I'm a bit late for the US summer?

And Del, you thought this darling ruffly dress top is ace? Correctomundo?

Let me know guys, if this still sounds ACE, and... perhaps what kinda size you'd like! I'm always just hanging out on veronicadarling AT gmail DOT com... xoxo

AND, LASTLY: I haven't forgotten, but I did sign up for Self Stitched September... so hence my darling tshirt dress with floppy sleeves in the photo shoot today... I'll have to count today as my first day, as I didn't get any phots of my other days, but I did wear my own stitched stuff, it's nice to have photos that go with the days.

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