Sunday, 5 September 2010



It's finally time to draw my LONGEST giveaway!

Probably the LONGEST (waiting for me to get my shizz together) giveaway in the world!

Probably the most daggiest host of a giveaway in the world as well!

And probably the most daggiest girl in a photo shoot in the world.

So, YAY. I've returned to Blogville, and have finally drawn the giveaway: Where I make YOU an outfit now that my sewing room is ready. And the above 'salmon' number (actually red in real life) was the first dress through the sewing room and I *can* report: THE MACHINES AND SEWING ROOM ARE IN GOOD WORKING ORDER!

Thank YOU all for entering the giveaway, and apols for the wait! So much to tell! But...

Hooray! For you....

... Lisa @ Vintage Fashion Library! YAYZ to you babes!

But I was always going to draw two names (because I'm devishly cute, and love a freaking good challenge/surprise) so I got Husbie to draw the first name, which was you Lisa. THEN, in an amazingly weird thing, he drew your second entry out too (from you following me on facebook!) so I had to get a bit gooshy, and Husbie grabbed out another name...

 Del from DELicious Designz! YAY to you Del!

And so my giveaway prize making, now that winners are drawn and sewing room is EXCELLENT, shall begin! Lisa, you said: "A line summer dress to run errands in!" is this still correct? I hope so, as it sounds good... but perhaps I'm a bit late for the US summer?

And Del, you thought this darling ruffly dress top is ace? Correctomundo?

Let me know guys, if this still sounds ACE, and... perhaps what kinda size you'd like! I'm always just hanging out on veronicadarling AT gmail DOT com... xoxo

AND, LASTLY: I haven't forgotten, but I did sign up for Self Stitched September... so hence my darling tshirt dress with floppy sleeves in the photo shoot today... I'll have to count today as my first day, as I didn't get any phots of my other days, but I did wear my own stitched stuff, it's nice to have photos that go with the days.


  1. Welcome back! Love the dress, it looks like somthing you could wear all the time, and in many different seasons.
    I am not in Self-stitched September... I don't have enough home-made things, but I'll cheer you all and try to wear home-made stuff as much as possible anyway!
    Maybe Self-stitched november is my challenge...

  2. Hi Veronica! Hope Melbs is treating you well. Quick question re: the t-shirt dress in the photo - if I make a pattern from an old shirt and just make it longer, will it work out the same? Any tricks I should know about? Thanks.

  3. Welcome back honey! You are so rocking that red/salmon dress.

  4. I am so, so, so excited! I never win anything, and it can't be a fluke if the hubby pulled my name out twice, right? You are right, summer's almost gone in Indiana. How about an apron? I'd love to have a pink one to wear around the kitchen! Bib or half is fine with me. You can email me at Thanks SOOOOO much!

  5. So fabulous to win a custom made Veronica Darling Dress. I love all your cute, funky creations. thanks so much for deciding to draw out two names. I have emailed you..mwah xo


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