Saturday, 11 September 2010

Friday: Mopey Work Day - SSS

I felt like casual Friday hit me hard yesterday, so luckily my work is dreamy and allows some professional casualness at times...

The clothing part that I made (for this Self Stitched September) is the black cardigan. It's a slight stretch material, thicker and bubbly in parts (Not sure what I mean there, perhaps I mean it's kinda rough?) and it's something I made using a pattern, but using the straight stitch machine because I didn't have an overlocker. It was pretty hard from memory. It's probably 8 years old, and it's still one of my fave cardi's, but I tend to wear it with this slouchy/mopey outfit... it's a man's Bond's singlet (with a tighter girls singlet underneath - op shopped) which is Husbie's and the leggings are really old Target ones I think. And yes, that is a hole in one of the legs.

Ever so sophisticated.

The scarf is a purple dyed linen through thing, my Mother In Law gave me. I love all the layering in this and I really like how the man's singlet is long enough to be a dress, but it's a really really short dress. I would never wear tights with this look, just these leggings because it's REALLY short at the back in a heaps good way.

Can you tell we're in the middle of tax time at my house? Piles of papers and heaps of recycling all over the place!

Gotta dash to the hardware store with Husbie, we're doing a House Day and things have just gotta keep moving! Have a lovely weekend xoxo


  1. i love this cardi! i can imagine it with a kind of 1920's inspired outfit.

    hope you're well!


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