Friday, 24 September 2010

Friday: *ouch* - SSS

Oh dear! I blame:

The new car
My gigantic handbag
The gear stick in my new car
Building that IKEA bookselving unit
Leaning over to pick up my gigantic handbag from the passenger seat.

But, whatever caused it; I have a seriously bad back. I've turned Granny Grouch today and last night (but put on my happy/soldier on face for my fun work this morning) and went the physio guy this afternoon. I am plumped up on my bed with the pillows. Doggie Darling is zonked out beside me, and I hope hope hope Husbie gets home soon for a cuddle. *cry cry cry*

Anyways, for SSS today, I was going to make a Collingwood frock (vertical black and white wide stripes) with some ace stretch material I have, but of course the sore back postponed my darling dress up. This morning I popped along to work (funtimes in the office - Football parties and fun music and peeps!) instead in a spotty dress that unfortunately was a hand me down... not handmade at all... but I wore my famous cape/scarf/shawl as well...

So, it was a little SSS today for Self Stitched September! I've never been to a physio guy before... it was really lovely though, he was super nice. Husbie and I got a quick bite to eat at Corner Shop first, and I tried out my 'Shake It' photo application on the old iphone.. It's OK:

I don't mind it as an application (I love the edges the best), but it's not outrageous. Certainly makes the iphone photos heaps better looking, but I just LOVE the hipstermatic ones... the rough/haphazardness of them.

Anyways, I'm stuck in bed (with my hot water bottle) for a while now and will read every blog in my reader, and then every blog on your blog roll too! LOLZ And tomorrow I'll have to work out what to ditch in my life to make a better healthier back/shoulder socket... my oversized handbag perhaps?


  1. Awww, poor thing. Hopefully your husband came home soon to take good care of you. Maybe a little massage? I hope your back will be better again soon, it's terrible to have it hurt like that. *hug*

  2. Ooh, you poor thing, I hope your back gets better soon. I have a bad back too (it's OK for now, touch wood!) so I can empathise...
    Your dog is so faithful and loyal...adorable!

  3. oh dear, hope your back recovers soon so you can get back to hunching over your sewing machine again!

  4. Oh no! I hope your back feels better soon...that definitely wreaks havoc with everything!!!

  5. awwwww! what an adorable pup!

    i prescribe regular yoga & massage for your back! get well, lady.


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