Monday, 6 September 2010

Monday: Going to work - SSS

Congratulations again to my friends who won the giveaway (Check to see if that's YOU) and I'm back again already with what I'm going to wear today for Self Stitched September. That's a whole month of wearing clothes that I've made myself.

How very amusing for me to be posting first thing before work, and with daylight to behold! I have noticed some of you darlings get a blog post in before breakfast, and as I'm trying to fit a lot in these days before I go to work, I thought I'd give it a whirl.

This is just a purple dress I made last year when I was going tshirt dress crazy, it may be on it's last legs this summer as the second hand fabric is thicker Hoodie type stuff that is going to be all pilled soon. Pilled? You know what I mean! Cowboy boots are vintage, but tights and woolie cardi (Hello Melbourne!) from the normal shops. But now I'm thinking (as I look at the tights)... they're thrifted, but new ones, from the op shop.

There's loads of other peeps doing Self Stitched September, and I can't remember the rules I wanted to put on myself... I'll find them and post them later... but you can do whatever you like... but I guess the main rule is that something you wear should be self stitched... but that could mean knitted as well.

Talk to you soon, Veronica.


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