Sunday, 19 September 2010

SSS Wrap Up for this Week!

One more week and a bit of Self Stitched September! Yay!

My parents are visiting at the moment, so I've been running around town with them for the weekend, hence my late posts for SSS. My outfit above is from Thursday where I went to work and then... I can't remember! It's a dress I made a while back for friend's birthday party in May.

BUT, our big news, is that we bought an (old) new car! Yippee! It was a great deal, and my Husbie is the KING of negotiating at the moment. He also bought a new computer (with bargaining as well) for his business, and so we're all about consuming now! It's funny not buying anything new for ages, and then with the move, and new jobs, we've had a few different things going on.

The dress here is basically a yellow tshirt I got from an oppie (it's long sleeves, which I've kept) but I chopped off the tshirt neckline, scooped it a bit more... then lopped a big bit off the middle. The checkered material is kind of flannel-like warmer stuff, that I got from an op shop too, but it's kinda yellow and orange diagonal stripes with the black background. So here I wore an orange cardigan too, to make for crazy colours!

It's a bright outfit for a gloomy day!

Hope you're all having a nice weekend!

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