Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday: Busy Bee - SSS

Hey there!

It's been a great weekend here in my house! Well, mostly for me as poor darling Husbie had to work on his photographs and then go to work, and my sore back got heaps better thanks to a barley/lavender warm up pillow! They're really good!

Thanks for your lovely words for my sore back, I bet they helped too! After the funnest Grand Final Day ever (LOLZ) I hung out a bit in the sewing room

And the sun shone and all was well! I'm working on some of my giveaway items, and planning a BABY QUILT. I have never made a quilt before, but have heaps of cotton scraps, that I thought would be great for my babies (well, friends' babies)... I'll just have to figure out how to make them! This one on Mary Quilts's site looks kinda simple. Right? I have no idea how to stitch it together, or to do the loopy stitching on top... and do you actually need quilting stuff, or can I use old tshirts or thick fabrics (love recycling!)?

Anyways, I finished this for my friend:

Made the neckline a little scoopier, because it was a high neck tshirt... but the fabric was really soft and stretchy, so I tried to reinforce it with another collar, but didn't have any ribbed material so it's kinda floppy now. It's for a sports match, so I bet floppy and light is better anyways!

And here's my Self Stitched September outfit for today:

A dress I made last year for my friend's wedding and a new (old) headscarf from my fave vintage furniture shop in Yarraville. It's a Pincurl Sunday today. It was such lovely weather today, and officially the first day for me not wearing tights. WOW.

Hope you've had a nice weekend darling! xoxo


  1. Love the Triple J shirt! Got an extra day of the weekend here in WA..hoping for some sunshine

  2. Triple J! That brings back memories of my old aussie life. glad to see Spring is arriving there; hopefully it makes it's way to NZ soon too! sick of this rain. And you look cute!

  3. That shirt makes me think of the old Triple J ads that used to be on when I was a kid. There was one that my dad used to repeat all the time in this funny little high pitched voice. We thought it was hilarious!

  4. Sunday was a beautiful day -- I didn't wear tights either - my legs were like white pegs glowing in the sun!

  5. i LOVE your pincurl shot! been loving all your SSS, and wishing i had the time to join in... blurg.


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