Thursday, 9 September 2010

Thursday: Hanging with a Hardcore Punk/Metal Band - SSS

Hmmm. That's a big title for a post, bit of a surprise I suppose for me! I'm not usually hanging out with hardcore anythings... but today I'm recording a Canadian band who'll guest host a radio show.

The black skirt is a dress, one that I made last year during Frocktober and one that is so good that I'll have to make again soon. This one is getting smaller and worn out, but so pleased I used thicker stretch drill for it. I'm wearing an op shop long sleeve top over the top, and outrageous tights.

I love that it's now warm enough not to wear boots. I'm wearing normal slip ons! Yay!

But I wanted to show you this cape/shawl/scarf I made a while back. Back before I started the blog, I think! I made it for a wedding and then didn't really use it again... but returning to Melbs in the middle of winter has made me assess every item of clothing, and I discovered I can pin it up and it makes the shawl so versatile. I'm going to wear it as a scarf today, but I'll show you another day as a cape thing.

So two pieces of Self Stitched Stuff for today, I'm getting the hang of Self Stitched September I reckon!

In exciting sewing news, I've started cutting up a red dress for myself, and going through my pink materials for Lisa (my winner) and thinking about what to make for Del (my runner up winner) in my giveaway. Tres excitement in the sewing room, I can tell you!

Thank you for your lovely comments, and I'm so enjoying getting back into the blogging world again, it's really lovely seeing what you all are up to! YAY.


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