Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Tuesday: Meeting with the boss - SSS

Yesterday was a workie day, but I also caught up with one of my bosses who was in town, and since the weather was so pretty I only needed my new/old trusty short denim jacket.

There were a few extra photos on this blog, but I'm not sure where they went to. I'll repost tonight when I get home, as I had planned to post you this at lunch time (right now) but for some reason only this one photo is there. I made this dress earlier in the year, but haven't posted a pic with me in it (or have I?) and it's so nice. I love the length and pattern and it's so comfy.

It was such a lovely spring day here in Melbs yesterday, so it's starting to pick up weatherwise! Heaps busy now at work, friends, so I'll see you later today!

*** updated! with more phots!

So now you can see my Melissa shoes. I love them SO much! Can you tell I have NO idea what I'm doing in these photos, at the time, I really did think I was being fantastic, but I'm just SO dorky. You guys all look SO fabulous when I visit your blogs, and you pose real nice and look gorgeous! I'll get it right somehow... at least Husbie is good at the photo taking ... unfortunately the camera tripod is with our friend in Sydney... so not sure if I'll ever get to use it! SIGH

Anyways, for Self Stitched September, I'd really love to show off some new things, but I *still* haven't found my hand stitching needles to finish off these two things... so I know it's silly but I've just got to start something else... I'll just pop in there now and do a little bit of sewing before Husbie gets home.



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