Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Tuesday: Running errands - SSS

I'd love this just to be just Running Errands for Me day (I need a load of time to catch up on things at the moment, how bad!) but this is my Self Stitched September's Second Day, and I'm wearing a pinky dress I made last year:

And the Errands I'm Running? All for work! However, I am popping out in a minute to have a brunch coffee type chit chat with my darling friend who's very close to popping as she's 9 months pregs. BUT, I'll head back to work, represent work at a comedy thing, then stay at work late for a DJ thing! BUSY BEE OUTFIT.

This is the funny stretchy dress that was once white, but when I machine washed it before I cut it up, the whole thing went pink! It's lovely though because it can go with purples (like this store bought cardi) and pinky reds (I have some rusty shoes that go well with it too). I'm just wearing my fabulouso Melissa shoes here though. In a Melbs winter, I can't wear anything but opaque tights, I'm just not sure what other tights go with dresses that aren't darker colours. I'll have to explore for next winter I reckon, because I feel a bit boring always with black legs. And it's harder to match the black tights with my lighter coloured dresses.

And here's my official sign up for Self Stitched September! Thanks once again to So, Zo!

'I, Veronica Darling, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-September. I endeavour to wear handmade or refashioned items of clothing every day for the duration of September 2010'. Where possible I'll also try and match my handmade things with vintage or recycled items as well and point out these details to you, Dear Reader'



  1. I love the print on this dress! How fortuitous that it washed up such a pretty colour! And nothing wrong with black-stockinged legs, yours set off the dress beautifully.

  2. hello, you're back! Hope the move all went well! Love your hair here!

  3. You look so gorgeous! Thanks for the shout out, so glad to have you in this gang! xxx


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