Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wednesday: Another SSS Day

Man, it's been hard to keep up with my outfits, and to take photos of them all! I've found I have to lay out my clothes the night before, because my sleepy brain can't decide what to wear in the morning (nor can it remember what I have made or what is vintage etc).

Today I had a few things on at work, so I went kinda practical, but it's a dress I often wear on weekends, so thought I'd try it out with a cardi for work today.

I made it at the end of last year perhaps? I'm pretty sure I photographed it then, because Gail commented on the fabric (her daughter was into it!) but sadly it's second hand ribbed stretch material from the op shop, so I've no clue if you can ever get it again. It's totally black and white, a bit like COLLINGWOOD. (I just realised yesterday I wore a black and white checked dress, with a red cardi like ST KILDA... man I must be dreaming Australian Footy Finals!)

It's one of those basic Built By Wendy t shirt dresses (that are SO easy to make) and I did it with built in cap sleeves (so the front and back pieces had extra and wider shoulder seams).

It's really comfy.

Husbie and I laughed so much, as Doggie Darling visited next door and came home to see us in the laneway taking phots.

She's so funny!

There's another week of Self Stitched September, and I've worn a couple of things twice (didn't think it worth taking a photo of a remixed version of last weekend's outfits) and overall I think my wardrobe (bar a few vintage/op shopped things, or things peeps have given me) is very Self Stitched... I'm quite proud!

See you soon!


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