Thursday, 16 September 2010

Wednesday: Pink Stripes - SSS

It's kinda halfway through September, and therefore halfway for Self Stitched September! I haven't even made a button for the side bar, it's been too busy! Nonetheless, today it's the first time I've worn something I've refashioned!

It *was* a large 80s dress, I didn't get before photos, but it's your typical button up, baby dollesque bodice... but one of those oversized ones that Mummy's would wear (or perhaps my mummy would wear) so I cut off the skirt part first...

And then lopped about 5 inches or more off, but I really wanted to make sure the buttons matched down the front! But before I reattached the skirt, I cut about 2 inches off the bodice, and then stitched the sides in to fit... I still made it kinda loose, so it can slide over my head ... as oversized stuff is still cute! But just not oversized to the max, as this one was in the beginning!

I gathered up the top of the skirt (I didn't bring in the seams of the skirt... love a full skirt) and then reattached the skirt! Yippee! It also came with the tie/belt, so I didn't have to make that... Yay! I love reusing hems, rather than taking hems up... so if it's about changing the length, altering at the waistline is my advice. 
ADVICE? I'm sharing sewing advice! ??? 

Yesterday was just another fun work day, I spoke with my friend/colleague who has returned from overseas, so that was funny! We are expecting my parents over the weekend, so doing little spruces up around the house where we can! This big old house gets heaps more dirty than my perfect little townhouse in Inner West Sydney!



  1. totally cute! I was looking to buy a pink and white stripped dress but the bust was so ill fitting... sigh... your dress looks awesome on you =D

  2. That dress is super cute! I never seem to find good refashioning stuf at the op shops.

  3. Fabulous...and enjoyed reading about your too the accessories you've chosen...take it easy with that housework!

  4. You're adorable Amelia. Can't wait to shoot you!
    xx Shannon

  5. Looooooove this. Super super cute, Ver Darling.


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