Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wednesday: Workie Day - SSS

It's really sunny in the mornings at the moment in Melbs, and kinda perfect for finding some of my old handmade dresses for Self Stitched September!

This is a dress I made ages ago, and I think I made it for my Hen's Night. It was in summer, so no tights or stocking top was needed. It's from op shop material I got in Orbost (which is really the best country town for op shops - although I say that about all towns I suppose) and the summertime flowers on it will keep me happy through the day. It's a 'jiffy' style 60s pattern, that I still have somewhere. It has elastic around the middle that you make in a casing on the inside. I thought it'd fade after a summer, but it's still going 3 summers on, and perhaps will last out this summer too!

Also note my darling Melissa shoes, my total fave at the moment, from OK OK in Brunswick. What is scary but great: Emina has some new Melissa's in stock and I'm scared to look. I WILL buy some, it's just a question of which ones?

And for you dog lovers:

Awww, she's so cute.

That's the last of our boxes too, in the background! Yay! I have 2 big ones here in my sewing room, but they're full of material and I need to get my shelves sorted (ie. cleaned up by folding the fabric instead of stuffing it in) to unpack them properly.


  1. I'm so jeleous, Melissa's are my favourite shoes. Beware, they're addictive. Must be the delicious smell!

  2. Cute dress! And as always super cute puppy dog.

  3. Cute shoes, cute dress and ADORABLE staffy. These photos have it all :D

  4. Great outfit! Love your dog. I have 3 dogs ever!


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