Monday, 13 September 2010

The Weekend: House Stuff - SSS

A weekend wrap up for you! After my mopey Friday, Saturday and Sunday was pretty much about 'getting the shizz together' around the house. We've pretty much unpacked, but the little things like hanging pictures, piling up the books (we need some more bookshelves unfort.) and all those odds and ends just needed to be SORTED.

Here's Saturday's sorting outfit, with the skirt being my handmade piece for Self Stitched September:

It was originally a dress, made during last year's 100 Outfits Challenge but it just started to get shorter as I washed it, and I had to chop it off under the boobs, and now it's a (thankfully) longer but still short skirt. I now where it a LOT, and the hem is getting a bit tatty. Just normal store bought tights, slippers and longsleeve tshirt. But the scarf is from the oppy.

Then for Sunday:

I did not leave the house at all Sunday! So this is my inside outfit, wearing my handmade black skirt and NEW (but secondhand) denim jacket! It's a little closer to springtime (even though it IS springtime) here in Melbs, and I thought a lighter shorter jacket would be perfect. Found this one in the kids section of an oppy in Gippsland, and it's pretty brand new.

We got so much stuff done around the house, and it's looking ace now. So pleased! I started 2 dress/top things, but can't find the sewing needles (you know for hand sewing?) anywhere, so couldn't finish them off to show you. I devoted a bit of yesterday to organising my shelves with all the threads, and trying to work out where to put the patterns, so I can actually see them. Oh the dilemmas for a vintage loving seamstress!

BUT! Throughout the weekend, I found all my patterns from Amanda in Adelaide (WHO got married! Congratulations darling! Hope you're settling into married life!) and will get back into the sewing of such darling vintage patterns again for Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge!

How cute is this one! I have heaps of projects on the go at the moment, but totally loving having my sewing room back ON! (It's really cute, because Husbie set up his 'hobby' room and we both sit in our rooms yelling out to each other!)

Have a great Monday darlings.

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  1. That's my favourite dress! Hurray! You're definitely inspiring me with how organised you are in "moving in" - my husband still has boxes everywhere... Glad to see you back and blogging, hope you and doggie darling are well!


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