Monday, 25 October 2010

Big Hairz: the 'before' photo

UM... you guys are so cute, and it's funny that mostly the hair we're born with isn't the hair we love... but did I show you the 'natural' hair style on my head (colour excluded, friends... this is just natural curls/frizz here)

BUT, I'm not afraid to whip it out every now and again and chuck a freaking victory curl at the front. No WAY. I like myself natural!

(please keep in mind, I got my friend to take a photo of me in her jacket, hence this photo... so realistically you shouldn't laugh at my hair, because it wasn't the main focus to begin with. Not at all. Ok, so you can laugh a little)

HI-LAIR-IOUS! Friends jacket, model's own dress (handmade), cheapie $2 shop tights and second hand Italian cowboy boots that are sadly falling apart.

But how cool is my friend's jacket? She rolls up the sleeves and it fits her a bit better than old shorty short pants here. It also has heaps of cuts (unintentionally, my friend fell off her bike today - car doored - so she's often in strife I think).

I was blog hopping a bit over the weekend, and in an effort to ditch tabs (I'm a tab obsessed mac user on firefox) thought I'd show you this blog... Inside Out Style and her notes on BODY SHAPES. In my examination of this, I think I'm an 8 figure, so no way can I suit oversized things like this. It's tight and all about my hella skinny waist and how to emphasize this. Hourglass all the way. But, it's like those Trinny and Susanna peeps, it's all their own perspective on style and shape, but is it accurate? Do fashion peeps really sit down and look at normal peeps' body shapes and conjure up the style that suits? When I wear this black dress, in my opinion I look really skinny and that it's a *bit* too short to wear to work, but I do anyways. From this photo it looks completely normal and I don't look like Heidi Klum. Hmmm, but I felt like Heidi Klum on the day?

Oh well!

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  1. Oh, i have curly frizz hair that grows outwards - sometimes i love it for being original and sometimes i hate it for being so unmanageable. Anyway, body shapes! i went to Trinny and Sussanahs website (ages ago) and my bodyshape was modelled by an old lady. Which was kind of sad for me.


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