Friday, 8 October 2010

Cutting the Clutter

Hey there,

I've finished phase 1 of my refurb on the blog, what do you think? I'm not sure how you read blogs, and if indeed you visit the actual pages of blogs (I've recently started RSS and the Google Reader options, through my iphone and ipad apps as well, which prompted the change) but I felt like a change here. I needed to declutter things and felt too busy with 3 columns (but by gosh I spent weeks tinkering last year when I put it in)... it's funny how you just get annoyed with something you totally loved once.

Anyways, let's see how long I love this layout! I sketched my header at work yesterday, while on the phone with peeps. I took a photo of my sketch to see how it'd work out and Husbie helped make it look better for the blog.

Now that I have a new camera, I even have it dangling around my neck at all times. NO JOKE! The above is the city's bikes... you can hire them but you MUST ride them with a helmet... so whenever I feel like a spontaneous ride, I'm never carrying a helmet. Future FAIL in my opinion.

I'm just practicing using the camera out and about, and then I'll have some real life sewing things to show you on the weekend! Yay!

Hope your week has been darling, xoxo


  1. I like! it's so funny that we both wnt three columns around the same time and now we're both back at two. i think the fashion is for simple, 'plain' blogs just now!

    About the bikes, in Australia helmets are mandatory aren't they? I've wondered about the new rental bikes in London. There is no flipping way I would ride a bike on the street down there without a helmet, but if you're carrying a helmet, that sort of defeats the point of the rental bikes being there to be used on a whim.

  2. "it's funny how you just get annoyed with something you totally loved once."
    Right now it seems more tragic than funny to me, since it turns out I'm a thing that was once totally loved...

  3. I LOVE your new blog! love the header and the two column layout! I've been thinking about a blog refurb as well :-)

  4. i love the new layout, it's clean and simple!
    just like you, i went through the 3 columns phase as well lol

  5. Looks great! I love the picture of the bikes too. They should rent helmets with the bikes, one can't be spontaneous carrying a helmet around! ;)

  6. The blog's looking gorgeous!!! The picture of the bikes looks completely lovely too! :)

    We've just started a bicycle hire scheme in Brisbane too ... but our bikes our bright yellow (and don't come with a helmet either!).


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