Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Fabric Sorting Au Go Go

I got some tidying done in the sewing room! Hooray!

Sadly just a bit of it, and not even half. I love having some extra space in the sewing room, as I have a bench in the middle of the room for folding the fabric into these neat piles, but it just takes ages to do. I'd say 95 % of my fabric these days is thrifted, second hand and op shopped.

I'm in love with this dreamy green pile though!

I'm just giddy over what to make from some of those top green cottons. Sadly the black flecked fabric (second from the top) used to be white and black, and I had another malfunction in the washing machine that somehow turned it green.

Always wash your fabric as soon as you get it back from the oppie, but I guess it's best to wash it separately as well. Oops!

(Luckily these photos don't show you the piles of fabric on the floor that's left to be sorted. Mess!)


  1. Those are some delicious, and very neat, piles! I love having my fabrics on a display in nice little stacks. I can stare at them for hours, it's like some kind of meditation *grin* and I come out of it all relaxed and inspired. Maybe I should start a self-help-book:"Getting grounded and relaxed with fabric" Think it would sell? ;-)

    I can't wait to see what you'll be making with these cute fabrics!

  2. Can you come over and organize my fabric now? *laughs
    Beautiful job- looking at the lovely stacks of fabric is inspiring for sure!

    I have to respond to Karin in the last comment and say yes- I think that is a wonderful idea!!

  3. what a beautifully organised feature! i love fabric but can't sew (or i just convince myself i haven't learnt *yet*). . i tend to organise scraps and piles of fabrics into boxes where i twirl them around my neck as scarves. . i guess that's the alternative before i can sew!

    found you via FF. .. i was in melbourne about 2 years back and loved it there :)

  4. love how beat and tidy everything looks and plus its easy to see what you can create from it! Keep on organizing away =D

  5. I like the green pile too - especially the one on top!

  6. wow you have a lot of fabric! I love the purple paisley one in the second picture. It would make a lovely maxi dress for summer.

  7. I love sticky beaking at other peoples collections! I love the blues!

  8. I have that purple paisley fabric too!

    Isnt it too cool? I love paisley



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