Saturday, 30 October 2010

Friend Friday: 10 Random Things

I'm finding Fridays for me is outta whack because of the timezones. Hence me posting again on Saturday about Friend Friday (a weekly dose of things or questions or themes to write about provided by Modly Chic). Having checked the email group on Friday at lunch, there weren't any questions or notes, so I only checked again when I got home and I was way too tired to post. My Fridays are generally workie and busy drinks and dinner out and cause I'm in MELBOURNE Australia my Friday is kinda over by the time the questions come through!

So for today:

Instead of questions on a specific topic share 10 random facts that people might be surprised to know about you. Take whatever spin you like on it. 

My spin is 10 Random Things from my Facebook to share (because the photos are all ready to go!) so be prepared for loads of photos!

1. This was my Myspace Profile Pic, and was one of the first photos on my Facebook as well. It was a music festival in early 2007, and I made my dress and my Husbie's shirt so we looked original on the day and my highlight was watching Phoenix (the French band) who were totally the best of the fest that day.

2. I got this dress at a market in Sydney and it was such a beautiful day I got changed at the pub and wore it all afternoon. My Facebook album was something like 'Aqua Prom Queen Girl's Adventures' or something. Occasional extrovert? Not me. Sozz for the bad photo quality, it was on my dodgy work blackberry!

3. I have a nostalgic Facebook album and this is one of my little fash outfits! I love this because of the big camera, it must be a toy one right? And how cute is my brother, riding the bike and singing in the background? 

4. When I look through my profile pics on facey, this darling friend Claire is in most of them with me! Here's our 'We look great in gingham!' photo from another music festival. Our friend Dan Boud took it for his blog, and you can see other great photos on his website!

5. When I lived in Sydney I walked over the Harbour Bridge one day, it was closed off the for the anniversary or something and we all walked where the cars usually go, so it was a really great perspective on the bridge and the city. It really is a beautiful looking city. BUT, my fave of all fave places are these weird little apartments that are right near the bridge cause they remind me of Star Wars somehow. I love them, so it did make my whole life to get my photo taken with them.

6. I did play netball when I was younger, but I was pretty shit. I had to do Wing Defence and I was really bad. But we did make it to the finals one time and got a trophy (I think we came runner ups) but our team was called Team Pash (hence the little red lips on my teammates skirt).

7. Also when I was little (um, 6 years ago) I sang in amateur musicals. Here I am in Little Shop of Horrors, which was hilarious and I spoke in a Brooklyn accent. A *bad* Brooklyn accent, I'm sure. I love singing, and used to be in heaps of plays when I lived in the country. How cute are the three singers as well? Such good voices!

8. Here's the time when Elmo came to my work in 2006. Very cute! This is in a Facebook album called 'Hilarious!' and you can totally see why.

9. I tried to find a Facebook photo from when I had different hair, since on this blog I've only really had blonde. Here's when I was in The Importance of Being Earnest, one of the best plays to perform because it's Oscar Wilde! So fun! I got my hair coloured almost black (brown with darker black 'peekaboo' streaks) to see what it was like, but I had to wear kinda pancake make up all the time, because it brought out loads of red blotches in my skin, weird! It took about a year to get it caramel blonde again.

10. And one last Facebook Random fact - I give my camera to little children for them to take photos. Digital cameras are so great for kids, cause they can see their photos straight away, and I love seeing things from their perspective. Look how cute this 3 year old (at our friend's wedding in northern NSW) framed this photo and how everyone looks giant in the background. So amazing.

Have a lovely weekend! xoxo


  1. Hi V! This is a great collection of photos. I hope you don't mind me saying, but I really like your hair sandy blonde, a la you and Elmo photo. Oh! And I am stitchin gingham at the moment. Go gingham!

  2. Gingham!!
    Yep,those apartments are very Star Warsy.I've never had any inclination to walk that bridge!!!

  3. Those are the best pics! Fantastic stories behind all of them too....

  4. I love this post! that little shot of horrors pic is so cute! I'm going to see the importance of being earnest on Tuesday actually, I love that play! and those apartments are very star wars. I actually love the building i work in because i think it looks like it's out of batman or metropolis all blocky and authoritarian.

    this has been a very random comment!


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