Sunday, 10 October 2010

Happy Octoberfest!

We had an Octoberfest BBQ to go to yesterday, so of course, I had to find a dirndl dress in my stash! My friend lives with a German chappie, and some of us drank from stein glasses and bought European beer to celebrate!

It's not a traditional dirndl style, but is one of the easiest patterns I have for fitted dresses:

It's Simplicity 4491, has a simple bodice, gathered skirt and back zipper. And I've made it HEAPS of times! I made a skirt gathered all around instead of flat at the front like the pattern.

I always have to alter the bodice to fit me, and always forget by how much and where... this time I shorted the bodice just above the waistline, and took only a centimetre of the middle bit of the front and the back (vertical). BUT, I probably should have taken more off the shoulder straps, and (for the sake of the German dirndl style) maybe dropped the neckline a bit more.

But what do you think?

Fabric: IKEA cotton remnant $4
Pattern: Simplicity 4491 (circa 1960s?).
Notions: Vintage zipper 20c, vintage thread, hand me down lace for the under hem bit
Time to complete: 2 hours
First worn: Yesterday to the Octoberfest BBQ.
Wear again? Yes, I love it. I will have to wear heels though, because when I wear flats, the shoulders are a bit large and go all bunchy
Total Cost: $4.20 AUS

I wore a white slip underneath, with a petticoat over the top to fill the skirt out a bit. I like the big flowers on the side (it gives the dirndl apron effect, without making it costume-y.. but of course the pigtails were just for perfect for Octoberfest!) and bits of red that popped up elsewhere in the dress.

Here's my new camera! YIPPEE! It's a Lumix GF1 and takes such good photos!

Hope you're having a nice weekend! I sadly have a REALLY sore and scratchy throat, so am lying in bed about to watch Running Wilde with my Husbie xoxo


  1. You look amazing in that dress. It is so cute and you look stunning on your red heels. Nice!

  2. That dress is adorable! I think it looks great on you. I really need to sew some more clothes soon. I got my sewing mojo back and made a skirt then work got super busy and I just haven't had time to sew anything.

  3. ohmygod could that seriously be any cuter?! Fabulous. Hope you aren't getting sick.

  4. love love love it! the flowers are so well-placed!

  5. Wowzers! That dress is awesome! Love the fabric - the bold print works really well on that huge skirt. Good work!

  6. I adore your dress. It looks like it's so much fun to wear and so cute, too.

  7. Lovely dress! I love the shape, and with the big flowers on each side it's very joyful.

    (seen on Sew Retro)

  8. I love the big poppies!! What a cute, fun, and happy dress! :)

  9. Cool dress! Looks like a versatile pattern.
    I am sick too! Watching Buffy and Yes, Minister DVDs!

    i just got caught up on everything, and WOW that dress is stunning!
    pretty dress, pretty blog, pretty sicky... oh wait, wrong kind of pretty-- but aren't those first few days of feeling good again awesome?


  11. Your dress looks great. I have that pattern too but it doesn't have the instructions inside anymore - do you have any suggestions on how I can get hold of the instructions - are you able to email them to me??


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