Sunday, 3 October 2010

Monday: But more like Sunday - SSS

Today's blog is via the iPad, I'm trying to use it more out and about, but I'm actually just sitting on my breakfast bar tip tip tapping to you.

When I wrote iPad, above and just then, it autocorrected itself to read with a capital P. Hmmm. Not sure what I think about that!


It seems my ipad has problems using blogger software for images and such, so I've switched back here to the laptop to finish off this post, but it has also taken me all week to get here!

Here's what I actually wore on Monday, the tshirt covering my old time fave black dress:

Then on Tuesday I wore and old time fave purple dress to a darling Women of Letters event and was stunned under red lights:

And then here's the first day of October on Friday, where I wore a hand me down dress, because I wanted something to go with these tights:

And none of my self made stuff matched (that was clean anyways!), so I got a little busy in the last two weeks of October with work (some long days in there) but overall I thought Self Stitched September was the bomb, and although I didn't have a lot of time to comment on your progress, I did look at what you were up to and LOVED. What a great thing! Thanks Zoe for the creation of it, and I'll certainly be doing it again.

As for October... I would really really really love to be making a dress a day for Frocktober, but this year instead my work colleagues and I are just wearing a Frock on every Friday and raising dosh for the Ovarian Cancer Research Peeps instead. Last year was just SO busy for me, as I had to spread it over 2 months really... making a dress a day is freaking hard work. Also, my Husband would kill me if I tried it again.

And at last, it's spring time here in Melbs! Our flowers are out, the air is warm, and I did some gardening yesterday and we even rode our BIKES.


I'll have more info soon as I'm attempting a stupid QUILT and it's stupid because I've never made one before, but want to make them for my two baby girlfriends... and because I'm incredibly stubborn about my DIY attitude, I'll not learn how to do it. I'll just do it and find out what I did wrong later.

HAHA! Although I betchya I might be hovering around your Badskirt site Amy! You seem just as DIY, so I might lurk around your quilting posts if I get stuck! LOLZ.

Have a great Sunday!


  1. those tights are awesome darl'!

    ps:care to join in the fun on my very first giveaway?:)

  2. Oh Snap! I am making a quilt with no tuition also.

    What kind are you making?


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