Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My fully sick day

I only popped out briefly yesterday to go to the Op Shop with my Husbie, as it was my sick day from work. Here's what I did:

On sickie days you can wear street casual, I reckon. It's a dress I made last year, it's pretty much stretch knit, sewn up at the sides, and on the shoulders. It's a tube with holes for arms and my head. I didn't even hem it or overlock the edges, because I'm so freaking cool.


Here's some things from our neighbourhoodz:

I made everything look like the 1960s because frankly, so much of my area has little remnants of the old 'bright' past of Melbourne. The trendy 60s/70s pop up here and there in signs, architecture and buildings, and perhaps even way of life in Footscray. I love it.

Thank you so much for your well wishes to me and my darling friend! You are too kind


  1. Even on a sick day you manage to look bright and funky. And you got a trip to the op shop in - Go You!! Hope you feel better soon.


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