Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My new mother

I love you mum, but can I also have two mothers, and share you with Carrie Fisher?

Well, hi guys! That's my new mum (above) wearing some comfortware and generally being fun loving. Tonight my Husbie and I went to visit Carrie Fisher at her "home" (AKA the Athenaeum Theatre in Melbs) and we hung out for a very LOLworthy 2 hours. 

Not sure when I'll see "Mum" again, but she'll always be very close to my heart. 

I'm sure she's toured her show all over, but if you get the chance, it was SO gorgeous/real/heartful and freaking funny. There's probably a different jokes in her head every night, and a bunch of interesting tales to tell that she will never tell. We're off to read Postcards From the Edge, and sticky beak at the film again. xoxo


  1. I saw her last night - hilarious! Best quote, "Our relationship deteriorated faster than we could lower our standards."

  2. I have a friend who met her once -- sold her underthings and a flask. She was with her mom. Her credit card was declined, so she opened the door and bellowed up the street for her mom to come back. She said they were hilarious.


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