Monday, 11 October 2010

Oh rats!

I got sick! Not the best sleep, and not the best throat and sinuses at the moment, but a sick day to recover. I HOPE. Well, this afternoon I feel HEAPS better than yesterday afternoon, so I think I have recovered by resting up at home.

But I'm such a woosy with sickness, because yesterday I visited a dearheart friend in hospital who had a tiny accident and had an even tinier operation yesterday... and my sickness is just so stupid to even ponder over in comparison... it was a brilliantly sunny day yesterday though, and I wanted to bring my dearest dearheart flowers from our garden:

Here's one of my first 'proper' dresses, I made it around 2005 to wear in Fiji where my friends were getting married. I love it because it's so easy and flattering and you don't have to wear a bra and for hot days, it's kinda like my version of 'traccie dacks' if you will. It's a 'proper' dress because it's a Vogue pattern of some sort, that even had lining, and it's a really great fit. I should make it again actually, and I think I've got some pattern pieces cut out somewhere so I'll have to find them.

I put some more flowers in my living room too, so my friend and I are the same.

Speedy recovering lovely love!

I'm so happy because I've read heaps of blogs this morning, and finished crocheting a couple of nice baby blankets last night while watching 'Date Night'. I love Tina Fey so much, and wish we could be more than just tv friends. It's just such a one sided relationship.



  1. look at that gorgeous light,

    basking in that has got to make you feel better,

  2. What a lovely dress. And I think the combination with that cardigan is fabulous. Great colours! I hope you'll feel better soon. xx

  3. I love your dress, it's super cute with the orange cardigan and shoes :) I hope you and your friend get better soon!

  4. Your outfit loks adorable, those colours, that light! Fabulous...


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