Friday, 29 October 2010

On the way to work

Now that I'm working 9 to 5, I am going through a bit of a 'How to organise your day around those hours' kinda thing. I love my extra curricular activities (sewing, talking, watching films/tv, drinking and eating good food, and taking photos) and have to balance these things out with working those 9 to 5 hours, and doing sportz.

I'm not super keen on sportz but it's that old fable of those who love drinking and eating good food need to also love sportz! This week, I've been walking a few times (fast) with the dog and played on m Wii Fit (yoga mostly) so there's a bit of sportz. I'd really like to do dancing as well, as my friends do Go Go Dancing Class and everyone adores it appazza so hopefully I can hook into that!

These photos are from my walk to work, but they've just taken down the winter masterpieces (and the big letters that spell out the artists' names) so thought I'd show them to you. Melbourne has constant art events on and it's such a beautiful town, so walking around you feel so connected to the art and culture of the city. Even these kinda small detail of the artists' names like this on the outside of the building (instead of a poster of exhibition) makes you want to go in and explore art.

Today and Saturday are apparently going to be very hot and dry with humid showers at night, so could be very sticky for us! We haven't had hot weather in this new house yet (and our bedroom is upstairs) and we don't have a cooling system. Hopefully we'll be able to cope!

But back to working 9 to 5, I haven't got a proper system going for when I do my extra curricular activities through the week. I'm usually waking up at 6.30am, but read the news or listen to the radio and now am typing here (7.20am) and will go to the park with Doggie Darling and then it'll be time to go to work. I'm especially trying to find that time to sew. After work I can't count on because I either have drinks with peeps (such a networker!), go to the park with the dog, make tea and watch tv or go to a film with my Husbie... Maybe I could get up at 6am, go to the park first and spend 6.30am - 7.30am sewing a little bit? IDEAZ!

If you sew, and work 9 to 5, do you sew during the week? Or do you save it for the weekends?

Best, Veronica Darling


  1. After 26 years of working evenings, nights, weekends and holidays, last year I went to a M-F day job, four days a week. That ONE day off during the week has been my saving grace, but now I'm going to take a new job that is five full days a week. I have NO idea how anything is going to get done around here.

  2. I work 5-6 days and 35-44 hours a week. I am not a morning person (nor is my body used to breakfast radio hours), so I don't do anything in the morning before work except get ready! I try and do some sewing on weeknights when I don't have other plans, but try and be communal - like doing some knitting/crocheting, cutting out fabric or handsewing hems while watching tv or a movie. On the weekend I do the sewing machine stuff.


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