Thursday, 21 October 2010

Shoe Lady

You can just call me the shoe lady from now on. When you can make all your own clothes, and follow the darling Wardrobe Refashion eco/sustainability/DIY lifestyle, you tend to hover around shops that sell things you can't make. Like OK OK in Brunswick.


They are Melissa OF COURSE (I'm so obsessed - as you can see here with the Troupe, here with the flatties and here with my first pair of heels) and I fully can't make shoes, so tend to love on the stores that stock up on the shoes I love. I am NOT getting paid to love on these shoes, I love them for heaps of reasons but mostly for biodegradeable/fair work practices and other ethical reasons.

But, OK OK is the best store as Emina has too many Melissa Darlings to choose from! I wanted (in this instance) something straight forward, something that could be worn with loads of colours and flattie in style... my little toes are getting a bigger work out in Melbs. I'm walking HEAPS.

Even Doggie Darling had to cuddle up with them!

I popped by next door (after leaving OK OK) to my HAIRDRESSERS: Corrin's Hair Lounge and showed my 'plain' shoes to the girls there... they decided these WEREN'T plain shoes at all... I wonder what makes me think they are! LOLZ

xoxo Happy Shoe Day to you!


  1. Those ARE lovely shoes! I feel justified buying shoes and sweaters- since I am not a cobbler nor a knitter!
    I LOVE shoes too, I completely understand!!

  2. I hear you- I don't know what it is about shoes but I can't get enough of them! Funny thing is, I prefer to go barefoot any time that I can. :) I would love to learn to make shoes. How awesome would that be?!

  3. Those are adorable little flats!! I'm a shoe hoarder myself ;)

  4. OMG WANT! I'm always saving for another pair of Melissa shoes. They so fun!

  5. I'm not sure which I love more, doggie darling or the shoes...mmm, I think doggie darling first, shoes very close second. Just look at that sweetheart!

  6. I have some okok tights that i bought from Mandrake & Willow in Yarraville. I love them!

  7. I think my Summer definitely needs these. And quite probably the lace ones in this series too, in both colours.


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