Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Spring Cleaning Time!

Typically as the weather changes, I've found myself wanting to change things and over the next few days, you might notice a few tweaks to the blog. I'm loving that some of you are doing Blogtober Fest, very fun seeing heaps of random posts!

With the spring time weather change, I'm thinking about how to structure my blog more for you and me. I love posting, but never really have any order or thought. I like posting about sewing best, but I have moments of clarity where I can sew heaps and take heaps of photos, but then my normal life is kinda chaotic and unpredictable so I find posting about sewing hard to do when I just can't sew. I wonder if you plan things, or are haphazard like me?

 Anyways, I'll continue thinking and continue being gorgeous you and we'll meet up here another time!

My Husbie and I are just too snap happy with our phones while waiting for the train! I love being in Melbs, it's just gorgeous to the extreme!

1 comment:

  1. i am haphazard like you!
    did you manage to sort out the google friend connect thing?if not you can just follow through bloglovin' :P


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