Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Spring then Summer then Winter

It's a bit all over the place weather wise, and it makes it harder when I was kinda over my winter wardrobe so having to revisit it again and put stockings BACK on, is a bit annoying...

So today, I thought I'd reflect on those summer and springtime days of only 3 days ago, and show you my American Beauty (yes, I did have to google to check that film's name) photo:

And some more blossoms from the car park on Monday.

The good thing, I guess, is that when the weather turns like this, I'VE turned to my crochet blankies, and I've finished two baby ones, and have started another granny square one made up of little pieces of wool (Leftover Blankie!). AND, I've finished one of my giveaway items... I'll show you soon what it is before I put it in the post! Yay!


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