Sunday, 17 October 2010

Stopping and pausing...

Hey darls,

It's taken me a while to shake this head cold, and I'm trying to ignore it rather than get all hypochondriac like I usually do. So I've been reflecting a lot, reading a lot of blogs, and soldiering on at work. But, since my move to Melbourne I've been thinking a lot about my hobby of sewing, and how and why I blog.

This week, I was struck by Franca's 'Friends Friday' update (and heaps of the other notes on Friend Friday via ModlyChic) and have started thinking about why I blog... If you've been with me for a while you may know I have been blogging for years and years... mostly academically because I studied communications at university, and really looked at electronic writing and narrative online. It was also 1999, and the world was a little different. My first real blog came around in 2001 I think, and it was all about my school work, so my real normal writing voice (that you hear today through this blog) was always really postmodern or philosophical.

So! I've been thinking of posting regularly, and then what to post about each day. I actually can't finish a garment from the sewing room each day, and have it ready to post for the blog, but I can plan ahead and I guess my aim for this blog is to be ahead of myself... and Franca and others who have posted about blogging and fash recently have been a bit of an inspiration for me. I hope you don't mind, but I will be around a bit more often and I'll have a bit of structure here and there, but I promise I'll probably just be the same old dorky blogger ... so don't be too worried!

And what to show you today then?

A little sneak peak at what Lisa will soon get in the mail, as she won my giveaway (where I created a special little garment of her choosing!)... I hope she likes it, but I'm sure it'll make a great gift if it's not the right fit. It's an apron made from 100 percent vintage or recycled materials! Lace and pink fabric from the thrift store, and floral material from a former bedsheet.

But, back to this blog: My aim is to have fun. That's why I blog, and read blogs and take the photos for the blogs and write my posts. It's pretty fun to do it. Through the 'fun', I make stuff, I learn shit, laugh at stuff, have my mind opened and heaps of other fun stuff... so I hope to make your day a little bit more fun by posting here.

Best, Veronica Darling xoxo


  1. You're adorable!!! I'll tell you why I like your blog. You churn out a remarkable amount of clothing and such. Your pictures are fun to look at. I love your accent (even if it's in writing) and you are an inspiration for people who want to really embrace the eco-chic lifestyle. Hope you're feeling much better soon.

  2. I love reading your blog! Your blogger voice is really approachable, fun and sincere. I'm also an eager (if not novice) sew-er so your sewing projects are eye-candy I look forward to!

  3. I like reading your blog because you seem like a fun person, who writes honestly and cheerfully. Plus your outfits are pretty cute too!


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