Monday, 18 October 2010

Twinnies: Baby Blankets

Awww, my friends had TWINS! They are a little girl and a little boy, and I made up these two crochet blankets (I have been working on them for a while, mind you, so made them up means doing the final granny square edging) on the weekend for them:

The burgandy black one is mostly of vintage wool, from op shops, and the brighter coloured one is from store bought wool and I used a hookie 5 in size. I really like doing these blankets, you can watch the Grand Final, True Blood, Tina Fey movies and 30 Rock. You can start them in July and finish them in October, if you fancy. I've already started another one, that is made entirely of scrap wool and looks AMAZING already!

 Doggie Darling wishes they were for her, but they'll go in the post tomorrow (I had too much work on today to pop out to the Post Office. Oh the woes of working 9 to 5!) for the babies.

As we're getting settled at our house, I thought I'd show you some of our darling things! My Granny and my mum threw these cats into the bin, and I rescued them. Granny had them at her house for years, and I remember looking at them with distaste when I was little (I didn't like these cats or her Siamese real life ones). But I know they'd make great decorations, and Husbie loves cats! They were seriously in the roadside big wheelie bin as well, not just in the bin in the house. I truly was a dumpster diver that day!


  1. tellmetellmetellme where i can find online instructions how to make these blankets? I have two crochet books, having spoken about wanting to learn crochet too many time (i still haven't) but neither has got these!

    alos, i love your orange cats, so glad you rescued them!

  2. Those blankets look really cute and soft. I love the colours you picked. And those cats.. hmm.. I love that they are orange and they look pretty, and normally I love cats, but somehow I think they look a bit scary. But then again, I'm weird at things like that :D

  3. Those are gorgeous! I've always wanted to crochet,but lasck the patience to learn.
    I've only recently discovered you-loving your blog!

  4. I wish I could crochet! I would love to be able to make one of these blankets. They are so pretty. How did you learn to crochet? Was it hard?


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