Saturday, 6 November 2010

Baby Booties: Meet Me At Mikes!

My friend gave me Pip Lincolne's first book 'Meet Me At Mikes' (still available I believe through Readings Bookstore - aren't I the local these days? But trust me, you haven't heard me pronounce it, as I say it different to most Melbournians, because I am an idiot and habitually pronounce things incorrectly just to piss people off, and then I can never get out of the habit) recently, and I only just got around to opening this morning, and had a brainwave!

Since there's a lot of smaller projects in the book, and things for scraps, I thought I could do some 'in between projects'! I can't focus on one thing at a time, so while I'm sewing 'larger' projects like dresses etc (and tedious handsewing bodice dresses at that) I can stop for a bit, sew up a quick little 'in between project' from the book!


So, my first project from Meet Me At Mikes:

My current larger project is this tablecloth dress, as part of my Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge (I can't get enough challenges at the moment. I have 2 others I've been thinking about too. I just have to calm down a bit I think!) and looking at the scraps from the tablecloth, after I'd cut out the pattern pieces, I thought they'd be perfect for little booties.

The Teeny-tiny goody-two-shoes pattern is the first project in the book, it uses hardly any fabric pieces, and I loved how the pattern pieces were folded away in the book, so no need for drafting or whatever. I tend to jump right in to pattern instructions, but I had to read over these steps (out loud!) to check I was doing everything right. I'm not used to modern day language! LOLZ! It was very colloquially written, which was sweet, but for the sewing part, I had to double check I was doing it right.

But they've come up really well, and will be perfect for a little girl who's about a month old perhaps? One of my Husbie's friend's new little baby. I'd totally make these again, because it probably took half an hour (maybe?), as I didn't check the clock, but it was great making something on the side. Sometimes vintage dress patterns are a bit annoying with the handstitching and the lining and whatever, so it's good to take a little break and actually finish something.

If you're a Melbs blogger or crafter, or a follower of the Frankie cult, you'd probably have seen Pip's blog, but I haven't really stopped by that often, but it's AMAZING and so resourceful with patterns and tutorials and tips! You should totes look! She also has another book! RHYMEZ!


  1. I have seen pip's blog mentioned around a few times but didn't start reading it properly until the other week. She has some great tutorials on there and I would love to own both her books.

  2. Adorable! I totally feel you with having smaller projects to break up the monotony of a long one. I'm making a winter coat which is taking FOREVER, so did some refitting of some thrifted items inbetween. So nice to have something finished in such a short space of time isn't it?! xxx


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