Friday, 12 November 2010

Friend Friday: Blogger Self Promotion

Friend Friday has come around again, happy Friday to you all! Yippee! Today's post is also accompanied by my collection of coffee photos using the hipstermatic app on the iphone! Each morning (now that I'm working 9 to 5) I've got a delish flat white coffee! YUM!

The topic for this week: Blogger Self Promotion

1. How do you promote your blog?

Self promotion isn't at the top of my mind usually, so let me have a little think about what I do. I do have my blog linked to my facebook account, via Networked Blogs (I think it is) and via my twitter. These accounts are run by me and I only post once a day (if that) and sometimes tweet when I feel like it. I'm not a huge/active promoter of the blog, I just like posting and hearing from you guys and looking at your blogs. I suppose being on places like Burda, Ravelry and Wardrobe Refashion or Sew Retro has some promotional things, since I know a lot of you guys hang out around there too, but I don't really tend to be 'in your face' over those sites anyways!

2. In your experience what has been the most effective form of self promotion?

If I were actively blogging for my day job, I'd probably spend more time online and honing particular parts of the blog (tutorials, giveaways, more structure I guess), with the aim to offer 'something for nothing' and then perhaps become an expert in sewing or something and then get blog sponsorship. But I'd probably (if doing this for my day job) be selling my clothes online too.

As for now though, I like the internet to be a shared place, a 'free source' of information, so I just like talking to you guys without any other reason as to say 'Here's what I've been up to' and 'Wow, sewing's fun, and it saves you money and you look like a true individual when you make your own clothes'. I'm not interested in this becoming my day job at all, with no intention to make money from the site. I like Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing, because it's really clear and has a purpose (and I think she'll be writing books soon too) and she's just blogging, sharing and (seemingly) caring about her readership. I really like that way of self promotion, creating a conversation and it's a 2 way conversation.

3. Do you think there is a wrong way to promote yourself and your blog?

Marketing, publicity, promotions are all real jobs, and there are clever ways to manage and clever ways to advertise. Considering people can study these fields for 4 years and work in these industries, I reckon DIY blog promotion can be done pretty badly and there are certainly wrong wasy to promote yourself. For me, I click through heaps of blogs and often only really settle when the voice is clear to me on who you are, or if I like your style/theme/outlook on the world. If it matches mine, I usually hang out on your blog more.

Personally, I connect with more honest blogs and I love the sustainability/vintage loving/crafty world. So if you're doing that kinda stuff, I'll probably like it. If you're being over the top (and I think that's where this Question is meant to head), emailing me about your blog, or your etsy shop (and honestly, this hasn't really happened to me) and overly obvious about wanting followers or needy in any way, then I'm gonna steer clear. Your blog is a living thing (LOL - someone told me this, and I laugh everytime I think it) and you need to nurture it slowly and it'll blossom... you need to put in the effort slowly and organically and they (the readers I assume, not rats like the Pied Piper or anything) will come. LOLZ

4. When is comes to others pushing their product what annoys you?

Jeepers, I get annoyed by being negative about people. But if I really think about it, I get annoyed with fake yuck websites wanting me to review or do a blog post about their site or product. One website emailed me about the 'great offer' (which I ignored) and then emailed several other times checking I understood the 'great offer' and it was about me reviewing bar stools. Why would I do that? Why would I care about a consumeristic weird website and about a product that I do not care about, nor has anything to do with my blog.

That's what annoys me the most. But realistically, I'm smiling as I write that because I'm totally not really annoyed about anything, since the internet is usually wonderful and you can ignore the shit stuff. I usually don't take anything on board, so am not really annoyed.

5. In Dressful's post on this topic earlier in the week she said, "It's impossible to respect someone who wants all the attention, but adds nothing worthwhile to the conversation." Do you agree?

Yep, pretty much, as I love the conversation of crafty/sewing/fash blogs. But there's some blogs I love who don't really say much at all... like Small Stump's blog where there's nothing but simplicity and you can see it's just 'Look at what I made' kinda gentle blogging. OMG I sound like a total hippy, "Let your blog organically grow" "kind, gentle blogging"... I think this topic has made me go crazy, obviously I don't really care about promotion that much! Be nice to each other, that's all! xoxo


  1. I didn't do this FF, but if I had, I would have said much the same as you! x

  2. A friend is confused that I do little promotion (FB only) and have few followers but don't really care.
    I like the variety of your blog. Crafty, musings and photography.

  3. mmm..

    blogging is a craft, I guess.
    Agree about being able to hear a voice.
    thanks for sharing your thoughts..

  4. Interesting topic, thanks for taking the time to answer so thoughtfully and honestly. I love your outlook! xxx


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