Friday, 5 November 2010

Friend Friday: The Great Unwashed

Here's another Friend Friday post, Yay!

1. The move to do away with soap, shampoo and deodorant has been growing in popularity in the last year. What are your thoughts on this trend?

The Great Unwashed is a fun title. I would be considered unwashed by some, and not by others, but because I'm conscious about consumerism and the environment, I think about this a fair bit. Over the past 10 years I reckon there has been a shift for me, and this could just be about growing up.

Overall between my groups of friends and what I see online, using products like shampoo and soaps etc is still commonplace, as I feel sometimes there's only a small minority who are the Great Unwashed, and it's still looked at as hippie-ish behaviour. But, as for my thoughts on the topic (as opposed to the trend) is YAY, less buying of products and making of the waste is a good thing.

2. Be honest how often do you wash your own hair?

Get ready peeps!

I just talked about my hair recently on this blog, and I'm always honest about things! I wash my hair once a week, usually on a Saturday so I can do pin curls. But back when I was growing up, I never really washed my hair a lot in high school, because of the curl and the frizz of it. Luckily though, it was the grunge era, so there were heaps of cool stories going around school how cute boys put toothpaste in their hair.

But growing up, I started to hate how the products made my hair so fly away and the products never did what they said they'd do (Frizz ease being the most obvious let down for me) and after that I became more and more skeptical about the whole beauty world, and the myths behind it.

Before I was platinum, I probably used to wash it a few times a week, and keep it longer when I had "good hair" days. But yeah, for the past 2 years I only wash once a week, and my hairdresser tells me this is best.

3. Have you tried to go the more natural route by forgoing shampoo? What happened? Or would you be tempted to try it?

I don't use shampoo at all, but I use conditioner once a week. Without shampoo my hair is fine, and extremely more manageable and better looking (!) than ever before. Personally, we all wash our hair way too much for our natural oils to balance out our hair, so I don't need shampoo to take more of my natural chemicals away.

4. What products do you use and have you ever gone with more organic alternatives?

I have used 'MOP' products before, which I think is an organic alternative for shampooing and conditioning, it was so beautiful and smelly! These days I just condition with something basic, wash myself with basic soaps, and use hair products that have a flexibility to keep my curls in. They are probably not organic or good for vegan use (I'm mostly a vegetarian, but opt for vegan products when I can. Beetle wings in my lipstick? No thanks). As for washing powder, I choose the 'green' version, but I don't really read up on what that means and probably should.

5. What about that daily shower? Would you forgo that opting to shower three times a week instead?

I really enjoy a daily shower, but a short one, no more than 4 mins. Sometimes (on weekends) I don't have one, just through laziness and running around or staying at home. But that's a whole different thing I reckon: giving up a daily shower.

Personally, I think a 6th question here would be apt, about clothes washing... at first glance I thought the 'Great Unwashed' was a little more a trend toward not washing your clothes as much. I wash undergarments after one wear, but for skirts, cardigans, dresses, jackets etc I often wear 10 times before washing it. Don't get me wrong, if it's dirty and I can see it's dirty, I wash it. But I personally think part of the consumer/domesticity of life of the 1950s and 60s created this false comfort of washing things... to buy things... to use things... therefore to be consumers.

We waste water and send chemicals off into the world when we wash our clothes and towels so much, so I tend to wait until the last minute to wash.

Hope you are enjoying your Friday! I'm out on the verandah, typing away, and enjoying the last flashes of sunlight. It's been such a lovely day in Melbs, I hope we can get outside tomorrow on our bikes!



  1. Oh miss Veronica, what a refreshing way of thought. Sadly I fell into the trap of daily hair washing in my teens and now it is such an icky habit to get out of. My hairdresser has been hounding me for years to give it up so I've promised to give it red hot go over my Christmas hols! Oh look at me, I've gone off on a tangent, I guess I just wanted to say thanks for giving me lots to think about and in such a common sense kind of way!

  2. I completely agree that it's an unnecessary waste of water, electricity and effort to launder non-underwear clothes every day. I reckon the no-shampoo thing sounds great, but for the last 30 years I've shampooed my hair daily - whenever I've had to go a few days without a shampoo the hair is just nasty!

  3. This is great, and I've been following the No Shampoo thing with interest too...
    I cut back from hairwashing every two days to every three days and my hair adjusted after a few weeks... now I'm wondering if I should try stretching it out further like you have done! Very inspiring!
    Oh, and clothes washing... I have some rarely worn, "good" skirts that I've NEVER washed. (ooh, such an embarrassing admission...! eek!)

  4. Lady! Si has been doing the no shampoo thing for a few months now coz Richard Glover and some other ABC peps said they were doing it, and of course because he thought it just a waste of money, and HE LOVES IT! His hair looks great, but he doesn't use product stuff which would make a difference... you have inspired me to do it too... thanks xxx

  5. lol! I'd love to say that it's because I'm conscience of the environment or that I'm taking a stance against consumerism but truth be told, I limit my hair washing purely because I was told that nits don't like dirty hair..... and before you all squirm .......ewwwwwww, live with a preppy and the paranoia that at your next trim the hairdresser will casually announce to all the locals that she can't do your hair because your daughter has given you 'bugs'. Seriously though.... I have timers in my shower but I couldn't forgo it altogether. I do, however, shave etc without running water. I am currently trying to launder less but this is a hard habit to break..... :)

  6. I've tried going without shampoo and my hair just looks yuck, i wash every other day or every day depending on the state of my locks and usually use a shampoo bar from Lush but ran out recently so have been using a regular shampoo (should go buy a new one!).
    I've also tried making my own deodorant (ok for a week or so but then felt a bit icky), i like to buy handmade soaps and natural products where i can (but i'm not as strict on myself as i have been in the past) and I make my own laundry soap or use an eco friendly one.
    I'm happy with how i do things, it's taken a long time to find a good balance and i'll keep trying new things but i think the best way is to be mindful of what you are using, you really don't need to use anywhere near as much as they recommend.
    Oh and i do shower every day for work but sometimes at the weekend i go without! ;)

  7. I haven't washed my hair for THREE YEARS! It looks as clean and healthy as the next person's - you wouldn't know it. I scrub it daily in the shower with a nu-brush, a round plastic thingy that I call a doggie brush, you get them at the chemist or barber shop for about $2.My hair is mid-length. If you can get through the first week or so, I highly recommend it. My hair is thicker for it and my hair dresser thinks its brilliant. Like V, I wash my clothes only when they need it (under garments aside) - always have.

  8. I'm going to comment on this one....i personally don't use soap on my body. Just water in the shower...and i dont smell (apparently). If on the odd occasion, I know i have to...then i'll use an ecostore soap with none of the nasties. I just became so suspicious of soap after i saw what it did to my baby daughter's skin. Her skin won't tolerate soap, perfumes, sunscreen - pretty much anything that isn't very plain emulsifying ointment. As for shampoo and cond'tr...after a bad dye experience my hair started falling out and my scalp started to overproduce oil and was irritated when i washed - so i only washed once a week with an organic shampoo with no slas, alas, or parabens - for about 4 months, in order to re-stabilise my traumatised head. I stil only use organic poo/contr but wash it probably twice a week now. Washing detergent is an eco/skin safe greeny one - "ecostore". My daughters skin reacts badly otherwise.

  9. Wow, interesting subject that I haven't noticed being discussed much in the UK. You have inspired me to try and go for longer between hair washes. I agree with Nikkishell, you really don't need to use as much washing powder and other products as they recommend. I think you are totally right about linking this over cleanliness with the manufactured concept of a good consumer. After all, these products are big business and some companies are reaping ridiculous profits because advertising has made us so scared of smelling! Thanks for this post xxx

  10. I too only wash my hair once a week. I think it is the only reason I have any length to my hair at all since it is very processed and fried.
    I've had pink hair off and on for the past 15 years so I sorta did it out of necessity since I didn't want to dye it as often, I rarely had any itching or flakes then. The weird thing is a few months ago I dyed my hair back to brown and ever since then my head gets really itchy and flaky just a couple of days after my washing, it never used to be that way.
    As for garment washing...I only wash my clothing if it smells or looks dirty (aside from socks and underwear)


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