Thursday, 18 November 2010

Going Green at Work

There's a building near my work in Melbourne, it's nearly completed but we were up on the rooftop at our work the other day and noticed they've installed an amazing wall of green plants:

It's the southside of the building, and this section overhangs the carpark entrance, so perhaps inside it's the carpark and you can look out, but how great to have green stuffs in a maze of cement and boringness.

I'm not sure what the building will house, but the east and northish side of the lower building hasn't got windows, just this amazing bright bubbles, and yesterday when I walked along the sun was hitting them and they made patches of rainbow colour reflected on the roads around the building. So interesting!

It's so nice to see a new building that's totally different! Melbourne is full of these kind of places, inner city way. 

This week has been pretty busy and social with work and funtimes, so I've only cut out a little bit of a new dress, and run a few circles of the granny square blanket, nothing to show you just yet. My cold is totally annoying as well, but this time I'm soldiering on. I haven't been this frequently sick in like FOREVER, but it's to be expected in a new city I guess, different colds and at least my immune system is toughening up with them.


  1. Melbourne is so completely on-to-it
    craft and design wise. God to see the green wall, they are doing that all over the world.

    On another note, your fabulously long lived and sturdy, never falling down pole knit finally went to pole knit heaven. It lasted nearly two years or longer..

  2. Ooh, these buildings are quite fabulous and interesting! I wish we had some of that artistic-ness over here!

  3. your blog is rather splendid
    just putting it out there! :-)

    x x

  4. I love vertical gardens! I've been trying to figure out how to make one at home - it's going to be a Christmas-break project for me.

    Damn, we should have swapped immune systems before we swapped cities - I have been picking up every cold and flu since we moved to SYD.


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