Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Handstitching is a piece of cake*

* through gritted teeth, I write that.

I'm not a super fan of handstitching, and totally go for the machine each time. BUT, I made this short dress/long tshirt a while back, but the neckline kinda got pulled as I topstitched it, and it got weirder when I ironed i. So I wanted to stick a bow on it, to cover it up!

But, I couldn't find my needles anywhere, they were still packed somewhere in a missing box (after the move to Melbs!), so luckily over the weekend Husbie found the rogue sewing room box, and there I also found the good scissors! Phew!

I stitched the bow on today, but even though it looks cute, I'm still not 100 % in love with handstitching. B-O-R-I-N-G!

Thanks for your comments on yesterday's post! I think I'll get some good photos of the finished dress for you tomorrow! YAY


  1. Love the bow, very cute, nothing like a good bow if you ask me!

  2. Its adorable! Handstitching is my least favorite part of sewing but your top turned out great!


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