Sunday, 14 November 2010

Joining the Dots! (AKA Squares!)

Hooray! Another crochet breakthrough!

I made my first Granny Square back in April of this year, and then quickly scooted up more. But hit a massive snag when trying to join them together. So I put the little granny squares aside, and found out how to do massive granny square blankets instead. Perfect for babies!

But after I saw Pip's Meet Me At Mikes blog, she had a video of how she'd join the squares, which looked ok, but I didn't like the ribbed 'back' to it. Pip linked to Carina's Craft Blog who had a made 'How To' and I followed her tutorial to join them together in a way that looked good for me!

Yippee! I just wanted a way to make it all lie flat, and mum reckons once I've done the edging here I should give it a wash, and then steam it, and it'll be straight and flat. Yay! I will totally get all these videos and instructions into a 'How Veronica Darling learned crochet' post for you, because I know it seems really daunting. And if I saw that blanket this time last year, I'd have gone how the fracko do you make that!?!! Now, after shitloads of patience (and reading online), I can make it really really really quickly!

Here's what my Dad thinks of my blanket:

Dad LOL!
I'm googling up scalloped edging now, because I've made a red border for the blankie, and will do scalloped in purple. And then it'll be finished!


  1. Its looking great! I have had a look at pip's how to crochet posts and they look super helpful. I just need to go and get some yarn and some hooks and give it a try.

  2. I saw this and thought of you - Granny Baskets!

  3. Is there hope for us who have tried on multiple occasions to crochet and have not gotten the hang of it? I have tried Learning from books and my sister in law gave me a lesson and I just do not get. Any tutorials that you would recommend?


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