Monday, 1 November 2010

Pieces of the puzzle

My old challenge 'Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge' has been so disrupted this year, and I'd like to finally kick it along because I have heaps of vintage patterns that belong to Amanda of Adelaide that need to be sent back eventually!

The premise for this challenge, was that Amanda sent through some vintage patterns from her collection (she's a keen reader of my blog and will hopefully get a blog of her own, as she's VERY good at sewing herself!) and I was going to sew them up as a test run, and offer my critique on the pattern etc. She's got some really lovely rare patterns, as Adelaide is a gold mine for op shopping goods! Every time I've visited there's been such awesome things!

Nevertheless, I've sewn up a bunch earlier this year, and after a small lapse, I'm gearing to get back into it! This Marian Martin pattern (unfortunately with the bolero jacket piece from the back missing) is now cut up all over my table:

I've used a round tablecloth, that I got at an op shop, it had several food stains here and there, that I've been able to avoid in the cut, and because of the white base of the fabric, I'm going to line every bodice piece with another salvaged op shop white fabric.

Those orange flowers are pretty lovely! I used the rounded hemmed parts of the tablecloth as the hem (I love cutting corners, using a hem that someone else has made) so I hope it all matches up ok!


  1. I might have to go to Adelaide and do some op shopping! The op shops here are okay but not the best and are getting really expensive lately. I can never find patterns in my size either.

  2. What a darling dress. I think it will be absolutely fabulous on you!

  3. Yay! (One of) My favourite pattern(s)! The fabric looks amazing - can't wait to see what it looks like all finished (in my head I'm doing the baby sign language sign for finished... too much time around the under 2's!) Don't worry about holding onto the patterns - I'm acquiring more by the day and am on a real baby clothes kick at the moment so not mourning their absence too much! Sorry to hear a piece was missing...annoying! Did you have to modify the size at all? I'm intrigued by how people do that - outside my skill set as yet

  4. I love how resourceful you are with your fabric selection!


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