Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A small window of opportunity

We have a holiday today, so Husbie and I drove to Gippsland to visit the parents. It's been awesome and we laughed and laughed and laughed together all day. So lovely because I was knocked out in a yuk way by period pain yesterday.

We had morning tea in Briag!

It's just a small mini break, but it's so lovely to get away from the city and visit parts of the country I know so well. Growing up in the country is so lovely and so annoying at the time, but being able to easily escape the city rush is amazing.

Our holiday is because of a horse race. Not a national holiday, but I've noticed (as I tried to op shop today in a few country towns) that the public holiday *used* to be restricted to the city of Melbs, but in recent years it's not a statewide thing. Weird, and disappointing to avid op shoppers!

But, I just quickly flicked to this opinion piece about the event that means we have a public holiday, and feel like yelling hooray YAY! As it's a touchy issue, and it's so lovely to see Marieke say it so clearly and valid. Yay Hooray! Don't get me wrong, there's tradition and fashion (things I love) but there's so much more wrong things about horse racing, that they kinda outway the good.

I've made it more extreme using Lightroom, but yay for dreamy public holiday cappuccinos!:



  1. Ooh, thanks for the link. I want to be into the horse races so I can wear beautiful hats, but the reality is that gambling is bad, and so is cruelty to animals. So I totally get your mixed feelings.

  2. Boo to feeling blah but yay to getting away for the day!! No holiday over here and I don't really get why we care so much about a horse race. But yes the fashions are nice to look at

  3. Thanks for leaving the nice comment on my blog! I am seriously INEPT at using the serger - I can do simple things, like sewing straight seams and... uhh, hmm, yep, just straight sewing seams!

    I love your blog! The photography is FANTASTIC, something I've always wished I was better at, but have no idea where to start to get better. So inspiring. Yummy looking cappuccino by the way!

  4. Loved reading about your holiday. . it's always well spent with loads of laughter, takes any eeky pain away!

  5. Thankyou so much for the link to that fantabulous piece by Marieke Hardy. So true!, but where there's money being made for some I can't see the whole spectacle being given away, sadly...
    You might be interested that here in Perth Melbourne Cup isn't a holiday but loads of lunches are organised in private homes to watch. I spent cup race time walking along the beach with my dog, dressed in shorts, cardigan and thongs. The beach was blissfully quiet, thanks to the Melbourne cup (on a purely selfish level!!) but in reality the horse-whipping makes me nauseous too.


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