Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sunday: My car - SSS!

It's a step back in time, but one day during Self Stitched September, we bought a (secondhand) new car, and the man at the shop, who I gave the very big cheque to... took a photo:

Here's my Self Stitched Outfit, a red dress I made and some second hand and pleather accessories (my jacket is plastic leather look, ie pleather). But, the car guy said he was going to email me the photo through, and there was a minor drama about me picking it up because I had a NSW state license as I haven't totally changed over at that stage. Minor drama, because I did have a massive cheque in my hand, ready to drive away!

But he never emailed it, we forgot about it, but in the post this week a card arrived, with this photo on the front and a 'Hope you're enjoying your new car' type message on the inside. A car dealer's special touch? Handmade cards to buyers? Very funny!

So apols for the photo quality, I took a photo of the card to show you!

We're having a great house weekend, I've been going out way too much and considering it's going to be party season soon, I need to recoup and get some energy to prepare for it. Melbourne is so busy with so many fun events and parties and people to see. Plus I have work things on (and events to plan for that) so I'm like uber social for the next two months. The good thing, for a short bit in the middle, we're going to Bali for Husbie's birthday, so there will be a little holiday in the middle of the madness!



  1. You look tres happy, Ms V. I hope you, husbie and your new car are all enjoying those whacky Melbourne right-hand turns.

  2. Wishing you both a wonderful holiday in Bali!!

  3. Oh I'm getting a new car soon. How exciting! I love how excited you look! x


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