Saturday, 20 November 2010

Talking to the ends of the earth

It's nice to have a little sit down in the late late afternoon, and look at blogs and wait for the mini quiches to cook.

It's nice not having to talk.

These are some timer shots I took the other day, on my little itty bitty tripod. I quite like them! My knee highs are from my fave shop in Melbourne - OK OK! YAY

I have made a red dress today, but as I was making the quiche, I spilt cream all down the front. Great. I'll post it another day for you to see.


  1. super duper uber cute. I hope I am not too matronly to pull off a similar outfit to this - the colours and dimensions are perfect!

  2. hey veronica,
    i read your blog in feeder, love your style and voice :)
    really like this dress, is it one you made yourself?

  3. Are you wearing a dress or a skirt? I love the fabric. If it is a Veronica Darling original, and you bought the fabric from a non-op-shop, can you share details please???

  4. Super cute outfit!
    Hmmm, as Christmas approaches I have a hankering for a red dress myself...!
    Hope we can see your red dress here soon. I'll bet it's as lovely as all your dresses!

  5. AIN'T THAT THE TRUTH. i would love a couple hours just like that. maybe without the cream part though.

    i love your friday thoughts, just right!

  6. Was just thinking as I was making a big ass flag for Meredith, now you're in melbs you should totally be coming along hopefully I bump into you! Will have the flag up on the blog soon xx


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